Small Drop Leaf Kitchen Table For Small Spaces

Drop leaf table is familiar to hear whether it’s for living room or kitchen. But how if we just have small space in our house, especially in kitchen but we want to make it in unusual ways. Can drop leaf table be used for small rooms? Well, before we know it can be or not, we have to know that there’s many styles of drop leaf kitchen even for small house, such as Round Drop Leaf and Rectangle Drop Leaf. Curious? Let’s see small drop leaf kitchen table for small spaces.

Styles of Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

Round Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

Round Drop Leaf Kitchen TableRound Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

This round small drop leaf kitchen table is very suitable for small spaces. With unique 50’s model, you won’t miss this table if you are a retro lover. Having eat-in nook in lovely yellow table and chairs are stylized. Also they are a cheerful surprise and an eye-popping contrast to the grays, blues and greens. The wallpaper wall is not to busy but it is in the perfect hallway were everyone can see it.

I like the ruf on the floor, the soft material is very nice.

Rectangle Drop Leaf  Kitchen Table

Rectangle Drop Leaf Kitchen TableRectangle Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

Shelf for dining room or kitchen? It can be useful, then. Although, the table looks so simple, so do the chairs, but they’re still stunning in that small kitchen, aren’t they? It looks like it would be in a guest house and I like bead board and floating shelves. The table with double leaf can help you if you need more spaces on it.

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Small drop leaf kitchen tables are convinient even for small rooms, we can have it. And no matter what its shape, its color, its style, drop leaf table is so interesting.