Reclaimed Wood Farm Kitchen Tables

Reclaimed wood is obtained from existing structures and fashioned into new furniture by highly trained carpenters. Understandably, this kind of wood is of the very top quality since it’s been being used and air dried for what is decades. The farm kitchen tables produced from this have ample character because of age the wood used – some would even go to date to express that tables produced from reclaimed wood can be better than antique pieces.

Reclaimed Wood Farm Kitchen Tables uniqueReclaimed wood farm kitchen tables unique

Reclaimed Wood Farm Kitchen Tables uniquesRounded reclaimed wood farm kitchen tables uniques


You will find no blemishes on these sets that you’d find on true aged table. This provides the table a curious mixture of old and new which inserts in well with contemporary kitchen designs. More costly are tables produced from restored wood. What’s the difference? Wood that’s restored continues to be in log or timber form but still it goes back decades – it had been not used at all in the making of structures. If you prefer a table set that will look much like it might when it was initially hand crafted a hundred years ago then they are worth consideration – if you’re able to justify the cost.

Reclaimed Wood Farm Kitchen Table

Reclaimed Wood Farm Kitchen Tables

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