Pick Up Your Kitchen Stools With Backs

Literally, stool is a seat without back and arm; however it has experienced so many changes about the world reference of stool. Stool, nowadays, could be high seat with fairly short back. The functions of stool also has been widen not only as barstool but also kitchen stool. Stool is necessary for kitchen when there is an island or breakfast bar that require tall seat to reach a counter. That becomes the reason why kitchen stools with backs are produced in various design and numerous items.

kitchen stools with backs ikeakitchen stools with backs ikea

Kitchen Stools With Backs Design

The numerous design and quantity of kitchen stools make us have to be selective. Kitchen stools have height 24 to 26 inches with relatively small seating. Measurement between the centers of each seat determines how many stools you need. Standard distance between the centers of each seat is 26 to 30 inches. In choosing appropriate kitchen stools, how often and how long these stools are sat by people around your kitchen. Do not forget to walk around the stool to look at the back of your kitchen stool since the backs will show you how nice your stool is.

kitchen bar stools with backs for casual diningkitchen bar stools with backs for casual dining

Kitchen stools with backs are appropriate for your island in which people fairly often spend their time for long enough time. Wood or metal seat is proper for short period sitting occasion like shipping morning coffee or having afternoon cocktail. But if your kitchen stool will be used for having proper daily meal around your island, bigger upholstered seat is the right one.

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stylish white transparent barstools with backsstylish white transparent barstools with backs

To choose the right style for your kitchen stools, considering your kitchen decoration theme. There are so many kitchen stool styles that can go with your kitchen ambience. If you have retro style kitchen, aluminum and vinyl stool will suit for it. Wood and leather will bring you casual contemporary atmosphere to your room. The last thing to remember, Kitchen stools with backs cannot be alone; they have existed in multiple numbers as other ordinary dining chairs.