Kitchen Set : Kitchen Chairs With Rollers

Kitchen set with chairs on wheels is an unusual seat models and the most difficult to find lately. However, you do not need to worry, this will be covered following the model kitchen set chairs with rollers, along with the price. So you can purchase it in the market.

Caramel Tilt Swivel Castered Set By Pastel

caramel tilt swivel castered set by pastel

This set is 54 “Round Metal and glass inserts set with Murano Accent metal Cosmo in Wood Sepia. Offering great comfort and easy sitting, it’s beautiful transitional set. Chair on the set in such a way as to tilt and swivel mechanism adapted to either loosen or tighten the tilt.
Price: $ 2,947.00

DoralĀ 5 Piece Glass Set With Wheels By Pastel Furniture

doral 5 piece glass set with wheels by pastel furniture

Pastel furniture is a supplier to the color line up for the construction and fashion, Including in the kitchen set. In metal and glass kitchen set with wheels made of steel frame and powder coat and have a micro fiber pads for durability. Glass size 8 “square glass round top. Chairs sit on twin wheel casters resin.
Price: $ 1,699.95

Atrium Castored Metal And Glass Kitchen Set By Pastel

atrium castored metal and glass kitchen set by pastel

The convenience of this kitchen set, made of beautiful pastel colors and in every part has a strong steel construction, painted by hand in 5 stages. In addition, Designed with innovative models, making this kitchen set quality and style. It features a 48” round glass top, tilt and swivel chairs castered classical stylings.
Price: $ 1,579.95

Cape Town Castered 5 Piece Set By Chromcraft

cape town castered 5 piece set by chromcraft

Chromcraft Furniture is a leader in casual leisure furniture with wheels. This set offers the comfort and quality in the laminate desks, chairs with wheels.
Price: $ 1,483.95

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5 Piece Castered Kitchen Set T141c51 By Chromcraft

5 piece castered kitchen set t141c51 by chromcraft

With a simple table and chairs with a warm purple, kitchen set will not disappoint you. It is suitable with you who does not like a lot of details and ornament on furniture.
Price: $ 1,292.00

5 Piece Castered Kitchen Set T141c171 By Chromcraft

5 piece driftwood kitchen set t134c177 by chromcraft furniture

Natural table and interesting color and texture, right? Simple kitchen set but elegant, with flowing handle chairs. Only comfort offered in the elegance of this kitchen Seet.
Price: $ 1,488.00

5 Piece Driftwood Kitchen Set T134c177 By Chromcraft Furniture

5 piece driftwood kitchen set t134c177 by chromcraft furniture

Lovely white in bronze cushions and unique table. If you want to add white-cool accents, you can put this kitchen set on your fingers. No need to worry about with the chairs, the chairs are made of materials that are strong enough with a comfortable cushion.
Price: $ 1,989.50

Find a set of kitchen chairs with rollers that you want? There goes your worries, with a diverse selection, with a wheel chair is an attractive option. And the kitchen is ready to support your activities, with the beauty and comfort at an affordable price.