The Way You Do To Clog Your Double Kitchen Sink

Double kitchen sink is the most common sink configuration in today’s kitchens.  You can either have two bowls of the same size or one can be larger than the other. The advantage of the double bowl system allows more than one person to be at the sink, and also allows you to multi-task.  For example, you can be doing food preparation or utilizing the garbage disposal on one side.  On the other side, you can be washing or drying dishes.  It is very versatile.

Double Copper Kitchen SinkDouble Copper Kitchen Sink

Behind the advantage that we can get from the double kitchen sink, sink also offers two times the problem when it becomes clogged. You can always try the plunger kitchen in an attempt to clear the clog. Because the drainage basin joins under, falls can cause the fluid to circulate from one to another sink drain. A single channel basin sink only has one exhaust pipe. A double basin sink has two drainpipes connected together. Adding caustic drain cleaners may have little or no effect on the clog as a channel may be completely installed. By following the basic procedure, double sink blockage can be achieved quickly.

Farmhouse Double Stainless Steel Kitchen SinkFarmhouse Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The Procedure of Double Kitchen Sink Clogging

You should prepare plastic bucket, rubber gloves and channel locks or plumbers pliers before starting to clog your double sink. After all the tools are ready, start your project with wear gloves, sink assurance of all the water you can get out of it by using a plastic bucket. Then the waste water into the toilet bowel or outside the sink water may contain debris that would clog other channels. If you add a caustic drain cleaner that does not work, be careful in the water disposal.

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Farmhouse Sink DoubleFarmhouse Sink Double

Once you’re done with sewage, immediately place it in a plastic bucket under the drain pipe single S-trap double sink. The S-trap resembles the letter “S” and is used to store small amounts of water in the drain to keep sewer gas from entering the home. The next step you have to do is loosen the slip nuts with a large drain or channel lock pliers plumber who kept S-trap to the drain pipe. Slowly remove the S-trap of the drain assembly. A lot of water can flow into the bucket, depending on how much water is left in the sink and drain pipe.

Granite Double Kitchen SinkGranite Double Kitchen Sink

After that you have to check the S-trap for any clogs or debris. Trap is generally a place that would accommodate residues and will build over time. Remove the plastic drain pipe that connects the other double basin sink with each other. The pipeline connecting the two sinks flowing together leading to the S-trap and then into the main channel from the house plumbing system. Inspect and clean the parts pipeline for any clogs or debris.

Small Double Kitchen SinkSmall Double Kitchen Sink

Check the traffic in sink drain strainer is what you should do next. This filter can collect traffic or other long hair, grease particles allowing threads to attach itself to rubble, creating a clog. Thoroughly clean the parts of the sink drain. The final step in the clogging process is put back the drain pipe in the reverse order that you removed them. Keep a bucket under the sink and test for leaks.

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Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen SinkStainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

A double kitchen sink offers twice the capacity of a single sink design. However, it also offers double trouble. That’s why you should care and clean it carefully and regularly.