How To Fix And Re install Kitchen Sink Drain

How many times have you drain your kitchen only to find out is still a leak or not? And how many times you buy a new drain to dispose of part only of your time that they were not right? Or maybe you’ve just installed a new kitchen sink and want all the channels to get the right parts. Our kit complete with a kitchen sink drain, you can throw a bucket drops and do it right. You can make the installation work of do-it-yourself simple, with no leaks the first time! Does it spark your mind how to fix and re-install kitchen sink drain?

Prepare a complete sink drain kit includes all pieces

Purchasing a complete kitchen drain kit includes all pieces shown abovePurchasing a complete kitchen drain kit includes all pieces shown above.

Before you fix and re-install kitchen sink drain, you have to buy a complete kit of kitchen drain, just as the example above. Make sure you buy a kitchen drain kit in good condition with the best quality.

Instructions :

Step 1 – Remove the old exhaust

Step 1 - Remove old drain partsRemove the p-trap from the release beans drainline shown in this picture. Bring a bucket handy to catch any drops. You do not need to cover water, just remember to not use tap or you will get a lap full of water!

When you reinstall the new drain, the new p-trap will simply screw back on here eliminating the need for any cutting and gluing. No tape or thread sealant is required when you put it back. If you do not have a p-type traps, some modifications will need to be made. You can contact or ask the experts

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Remove the nut from the disposal of old sink baskets. If you also have dishwashers, disconnect the hose from the nipple. Remove and discard the old and the disposal of all old nuts and washers.

Step 2 – Remove the basket from the sink.

Step 2 - Remove baskets from sinkUse a spud wrench, remove and discard the nut from the sink baskets. If the basket spins when you try to remove the nut, jam a pair of pliers into the cross-piece basket hold while by turning the nut. Once removed, clean all the old dirt and gunk. You can get the spud wrench is available from good hardware stores.

Step 3 – Install a new sink baskets

Step 3 - Install new sink baskets (1)Once again, you have to make sure the area above and below the sink is clean and free of the old putty or gunk. Unlike the installation of the basket, you do not need plumbers putty. A special sponge washer is used instead of putty. If you receive a washing machine with white support, you can remove the support, centers around the hole, and stick it to the sink. Set the basket into the hole.

If you receive the backing washer is not white, you simply slip the washer over the basket, and put the basket into the hole.

Step 3 - Install new sink baskets (2)From under the sink, you secure the basket with rubber washer, cardboard washer and nut. Cardboard washer to help slip nut tight easier. Make sure the basket is centered in the hole while tightening. Snug with Spud wrench, but you do not need to fasten it too tight. Once again, you were really no need plumbers tape or sealant to install a sink basket. Repeat for the other sink baskets.

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Step 4 – Connect the drain

Step 4 - Connect the drain (1)Loosen the center nut on the drain extension and slide up or down according to the width of the sink basin. Add fabric in the washer for each side and turn the nuts into the basket sink. There is no tape or sealant is required.

Step 4 - Connect the drain (2)Connect the p-trap as shown above. Note that the v-end of the plastic washer that points downward. Again, there are no plumbers tape or seal you need.

Step 5 – You are done!

Step 5 - Your done ! Finish Installing Kitchen Sink DrainCheck that all nuts are tight, but not too tight. If the v-shaped plastic washer came loose, make sure the v-end always pointing in the direction of the pipe. When you tighten the nut, you have to push ‘v-end’ into the pipe, sealing it.

No need to call a plumber, a step-by-step how to fix and re-install kitchen sink drain, you can do it yourself. Besides saving time, you can also save money.