Glance Info About Clogged Kitchen Drain

Glance Info about Clogged Kitchen Drain – Your kitchen drain suddenly clogged and the dirty water comes out of the sink hole? You might check the drain out and see what makes it is clogged. Anything is possible causing clogged kitchen drain at every possible position of drain.

Clogged Kitchen Drain

Clogged Kitchen Drain

Handling of a Clogged Kitchen Drain

Clogged kitchen drain can happen at kitchen sink, or p-trap area, or union, elbow or Y part deep inside your house, so that is why you should really recognize your house’s plumbing system.  The clogged could be food remain, grease or fat, hair, soil that attaching on the vegetables, bits of plastic. Different place the clog stay, different treatment to put it off.

Every house has its own kinds of interior drain and waste pipes such as PVC, cast iron or galvanized pipes, meanwhile for exterior pipes could be made from PVC, cast iron or terra cotta. Each pipes material need specific steps to open, to detect the clog position, and to replace it. One same general thing for those materials is do not use chemical drain cleaners to clean the clog instantly because the chemical substance damage the pipes.

P-trap area or surround it close to the inlet are the most clog-happen position. When you start flowing water down to the drain and directly see a stoppage, probably the clog is around the p-trap. But, if it takes 10 seconds or more for the stoppage, then there will be two options whether the stoppage is at a union, elbow or Y area deep inside your house, or the remote clogs build up over long section of the drain pipes. The clogs stay at union, elbow or Y areas must be removed by using a mechanical snake. The remote clogs which build up over long section of the drain pipes can be removed by a mechanical snake or by chemical cleaners. It is little bit different condition in which chemical is allowed to use to break up the build-up clogs so the water pressure clears it in the end.

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That is information about clogged kitchen drain at a glance that you can follow on the simple tips.