Laminate Kitchen Countertop

For several years, laminate kitchen countertop was the only real affordable option home owners had however it didn’t have color and design options. Actually, for several years, the reference to laminate like a countertop material switched the homeowner off. Today, you’re in for nice news! Laminate employed for counter tops is quite different from about ten years ago. It’s not made so well also it is available in such numerous materials and colors that you could achieve almost any look wanted.

Laminate Kitchen Countertop - Laminate Kitchen Countertop Ideaslaminate kitchen countertop ideas

laminate kitchen countertops - Wood-edge plastic laminate countertopWood-edge plastic laminate countertop

For example, should you wanted gemstone counter tops but merely can’t afford the price, a fantastic option could be laminate that’s made to look the same as gemstone. Actually, a few of the top producers for example Wilsonart and Nevamar make this type of fine creation that telling the main difference between your two is almost impossible. However, laminate is really an artificial product which has a plastic coating. Due to this, the top is smooth, which makes it very simple to keep clean and maintain.

Furthermore, laminate utilized for kitchen countertops are cut into pieces according the dimensions and configuration needed. Then to accomplish the appearance, finished finishes could be installed. Not just is laminate material affordable and obtainable in menagerie of colours and fashions, you can easily maintain which last a very long time. The only real negative aspects for this material is it can nick and scratch, otherwise installed correctly seams would show, and when broken, repair could be extremely difficult but when looked after correctly, it might provide you with an incredible new search for your home that will last 10, 15, or two decades, sometimes more.

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You will find two kinds of laminate kitchen countertop:

Postformed: Also known to as “plastic laminate countertop” is created by connecting decorative papers and resins through high warmth and pressure towards the substrate, a wood product.

Self/Wood-edge plastic laminate countertop: In this fashion, the substrate for that countertop consists of MDF or particalboard after which, laminate sheets are glued into it. The laminate will be finished about the edges. This process can’t reproduce the curved curves of publish-created counter tops.

The greatest benefit of laminate countertop is  it’s cost and selection of designs and colours. It’s relatively durable and simple to exchange if stained or broken.

laminate kitchen countertop - laminate kitchen countertops home depotlaminate kitchen countertops home depot

Laminate Kitchen Countertop - Red Laminate Kitchen Countertopred laminate kitchen countertop


  1. 1. Variety: Among all countertop materials, Laminated flooring can be found in the largest selection of colours, designs and textures.
  2. 2. Maintenance: A laminate countertop is simple to wash.
  3. 3. Porosity: A laminate countertop doesn’t harbor the development of mold, mildew, bacteria, along with other microbes.
  4. 4. Cost: Laminate is easily the most affordable in comparison with other materials. However, finish finishing and front edge options could be costly.


  1. 1. Scratch resistance: A laminate countertop is prone to itching, chipping, cuts, and breakage especially along its edges.
  2. 2. Warmth resistance: A laminate countertop doesn’t be capable of resist warmth and burns. It may crack when uncovered to warmth.
  3. 3. Repair: A broken laminate countertop can’t be fixed.
  4. 4. Sturdiness: Laminated flooring aren’t that durable because they cannot withstand cracks, scratches and chipping.