Inspiring Pictures Of Kitchen Makeovers

The kitchen is a room where you spend a lot of time, so you want it to look nice. If you want to revamp your kitchen without spending a lot of time, money and energy, you can follow these inspiring pictures of kitchen makeovers. Some simple changes to colors and textiles, along with some decorative touches, can make your kitchen feel new and exciting.

Gallery Pictures of Kitchen Makeovers

Before One: Dull and Outdated

Before One - Dull and Outdated

Before One – Dull and Outdated

The kitchen in this 1939 home was “so old and grimy we couldn’t even scrub the cabinets,” the homeowner lamented. The goal: to make the space clean and modern, but without moving the sink.

After One: Classic Charm

After One - Classic Charm

After One – Classic Charm

Custom cabinetry with fine detailing gives the new kitchen architectural “bones” and traditional charm. White ceramic subway tile on the backsplash and an ogee edging on the solid-surface countertops are classic; stainless steel appliances are a nod to the new.  Upper cabinets feature handsome crown molding and multipaned doors with wavy water glass; a French door with plain glass repeats the cabinets’ design. You can move the range closer to the sink results in a tighter, more efficient of a work core. Bar-level counters at either end of the kitchen bracket the space; near the sitting area, guests often stand at the bar and chat with the cook.

Before Two: Tight Quarters

Before Two - Tight Quarters

Before Two – Tight Quarters

Worn vinyl flooring and yellowed oak cabinets kept this tiny U-shaped kitchen stuck in the 1950s. High on the homeowners’ list of goals was a space-saving eating arrangement for four.

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After Two: A Family Room

After Two - A Family Room

After Two – A Family Room

The made-over kitchen delivers a compact cooking, eating, and gathering space. The existing range and refrigerator move to opposite walls in the new plan; the dishwasher also shifts, to avoid interference with the range door. The red laminate table comfortably seats the whole family. Angled corner cabinets maximize storage above and soften the boxy lines of the kitchen. Their sides form a space for soffit lighting above the sink. A narrow pullout shelf unit fits conveniently between the range and under cabinet microwave. Two-inch-square red glass tiles punch out a simple, open pattern on the porcelain tile backsplash. Large, off-white porcelain floor tiles are set on the diagonal, with a rectangular border, to visually expand the small room.

Before Three: Limited Space

Before Three - Limited Space

Before Three – Limited Space

This condo kitchen exemplifies a poor use of limited space. The refrigerator’s location rendered the end wall unusable; a tall counter was little more than a room divider and catchall surface.

After Three: Smart Planning

After Three- Smart Planning

After Three- Smart Planning

Although narrower, the new galley kitchen is much more efficient. The widened peninsula provides a generous food prep area, and its 28-inch-deep base cabinets offer ample storage. Moving the refrigerator made way for upper cabinets and a centrally located range. Eight-inch white ceramic tile blends seamlessly with white cabinets and a white tile-in (flush with the edge) sink; embossed accent tiles add pattern and texture to what is an otherwise smooth surface.  An all-in-one microwave, light, and vent mounted above the range is a smart solution for cramped quarters; cubbies on either side of the unit hold cookbooks at the ready. Shelves at the end of the peninsula provide a bit of open storage and display space; gentle curves soften the corners. Laminate flooring is durable, comfortable, and easy to care for. Its “oak” surface is actually a photographed paper layer adhered to a manufactured core and sealed against wear.

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Through those inspiring pictures of kitchen makeovers you can learn about how to use the space you’ve got and create a new-and-improved kitchen within the existing floor plan.