Ideas For Kitchen Makeovers On A Low Budget

Home improvements may feel overwhelming to most individuals. These few kitchen tips for kitchen makeovers on a low budget are to help you ease into making quick adjustments for long-term happiness. Regardless if you are renting or owning, these simple and instant kitchen improvements are bound to make any space feel welcoming fit for your budget.

Low Budget Kitchen Makeover

Low Budget Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover Thought #1 – Color Makes A Difference

Chipped paint, splotchy walls, not enough light or just plain dull are just a few words and complaints people have about their kitchens. This tip is ideal for any living situation from renting to owning. For example, if you have a small kitchen with hardly any sunlight or natural light to speak of, considering painting your kitchen walls a nice soft yellow or blue to add a natural and soothing feeling. Check out Home Depot for complimentary paint hue cards to place on your walls to test which paint color is most ideal.

Kitchen Makeover Thought #2 – Update Your Faucet

Upgrading your kitchen faucet is extremely easy and simple task to do and, you can even take a peek at faucets while picking up paint from Home Depot! Undersink water filters are ideal for people using Britas or other filter units attached to their faucets. Installing a filter is energy efficient and saves money where it matters, your wallet. No need to spend a fortune on expensive filters and keep in mind how much you’ll save in the long run.

Kitchen Makeover Thought #3 – Cabinet Organization

Cabinets are the best for storage ideas of kitchen makeovers on a low budget. Do a deep cleaning of every cabinet to clear out any expired food, unwanted items or things you thought you needed years ago only to find it collecting dust. The more you’re able to clear out, the better! Try organizing your cabinet by theme such as pre-packed foods in one area, spices all together in another. Baskets are great for storing little packets and having a spice rack will create more room. Considering using canisters for items such as coffee, pasta and beans. The Container Store has an unlimited amount of storage products to select from so take a look and start getting ideas!

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Kitchen Makeover Thought #4 – Share Your Kitchen, Get Opinions

There are many amazing home makeover websites where you can upload pictures of your current kitchen and seek advice from people that love remodeling kitchens or reorganizing. Another thought is to get your spouse involved or invite a few close friends or family members to help you think about what would work best in your space. Spending money on a designer can get costly so opt for personal help instead.

Kitchen Makeover Thought #5 – Clutter Free

After you have mastered Thought #3 – consider moving appliances and other bulky items into available space in your cabinet or remove them all together. If you love cooking, make sure to keep utensils, etc. within reach. If you have a tiny kitchen, consider investing in a pegboard and hooks to hang utensils, kitchen mitts, etc. to free help eliminate cluttered drawers.

Kitchen Makeover with Small Budget Kitchen Makeover with Small Budget

These are just a few simple and inexpensive suggestions for kitchen makeovers on a low budget ideal for any home. Good luck and remember to take a before and after picture and take your time.