Give The Best Wood In Your Kitchen Floor

Wood In Your Kitchen Floor Ideas and Tips – Wood flooring material that is simple and classic. The trend today is the choice of finish and type of wood can be  overwhelming. Use the best advice for choosing the best look for your kitchen. Exceeds other surfaces in your home, take all the kitchen floor, almost everything happens the kitchen, the juice spilled on the table, muddy foot prints of a dog, even your kids play indoors. That is why the kitchen is a high traffic and need a floor that can withstand normal wear and tear. So you may be wondering: What is the best wood flooring in the kitchen? Sure – as long as you still have to be willing to remove spills and still have to stick to routine maintenance.

Wood Floor in Kitchen

Finished Wood

Finish Wood Floor

Pair the same color for a monochromatic look with a slim. Most of today’s election is finished wood flooring suitable for kitchens. Clear water-base finish is the best because they retain the color of the wood and can be easily touched up or re-coated. Strong water-base finish is applied from the factory, acrylic-impregnated finish that penetrates the wood and not just the surface layer. Acrylic-impregnated floors are more expensive, but more robust and require little  maintenance. Oil-base finish can often fade to yellow over time, making the future of touch-up is difficult – a disadvantage especially in high traffic rooms such as kitchens.

Sheen Wood

Sheen Wood Floor

Finished wood come in sheens from low to high shine satin finish. Satin sheen finish is the best because they can hide dirt and food particles.

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Species Wood

Species Wood - White Oak

You can consider oak, maple or cherry for attractive and durable flooring. Hardwoods, like oak, maple, and cherry, are the most durable wood. Softwood, like pine, will dent, even if treated with complete penetration. For rural kitchens, however, distressed pine flooring may be just the look you want. When you compare the type of wood and also considering the grain. Oak wood, for example, has a pronounced grain pattern that can hide the dirt and dents better than woods with subtle grains.


Edges Wood Floor

Choose a strip wood floor with a square edge. This makes a blocking tight suture debris; floor with slanted-edge strip will collect food and dirt, if you sweep your kitchen.


Proper maintenance will take care of your floors sheen. In general, clean up spills immediately to prevent stains. Follow your wood flooring manufacturer’s guidelines. To protect the floor from wear and damage and sand, place a rug at the entrance outside and in front of the appliances and sink. And use the tips and protective pads under your furniture.


This varies depending on the type of wood, finish, and thickness. Plan to pay about $ 11 or more per square foot for oak-strip flooring is installed.

Completing the Other Wood Surfaces

Make a color contrasting with the color combinations and styles. Unless you want to have a monochromatic wood, flooring and cabinets should be visible contrast. For example, if you choose a dark floor, you may want cabinets painted white or made of light wood. Keep in mind, that the flooring you choose may look different at home than in the showroom. And the amount of light affects your kitchen and will make the floor appear lighter or darker.

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Room Bringing Together

Hardwood floors really works especially well for an open plan kitchen and pooling into the family room or dining room.

All homeowners must want to give the best for the wood floor in kitchen. Easy anyway. The advice given above is your tool to achieve the best destination.