DIY Kitchens On A Budget

You should face it; remodeling can be expensive, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Even the simple ideas, like replacing hardware, can add up if you have a lot of cabinets. With a little planning, creativity and elbow grease, you can make over through DIY kitchens on a budget. Do all the work yourself, if you have the required skills and tools. Labor costs for home improvement projects can be expensive.

Gallery of DIY Kitchens on A Budget

Modern Touch Remodeling

Modern Touch Remodeling

Modern Touch – The homeowners had to sacrifice some of the luxuries they craved, such as soapstone counters, but the end result was this warm, beautiful and affordable kitchen space. Glass-front 1930s cabinets were repainted and old linoleum was ripped out to reveal an oak floor.

Modern Touch - Double-Duty Tile

Modern Touch – Double-Duty Tile

Double-Duty Tile is the first thing you can do to create a modern touch kitchen. Backsplashes are a simple way to add a pop of color to your room however they can add up. Consider salvaged materials like these for a cost efficient fix. To save the budget; an old library was an unlikely source for the salvaged glazed terra-cotta tiles that created the unique $90 backsplash.

Modern Touch - Customized Modern Look

Modern Touch – Customized Modern Look

After tiling your backsplash, continue your remodeling project by customizing the modern look. The new base cabinets, island, baker’s table, and plate rack were built out of inexpensive paint-grade pine. The island gets a country-cottage touch from cheap beaded-board plywood.

Vintage French

Vintage French

Vintage French – Take a hobby or passion and use it as inspiration when redoing your DIY kitchens on a budget. A passion for antiques is sprinkled throughout the homeowner’s comfortable kitchen. A favorite collection or group of monochromatic dishes can be displayed atop your refrigerator, an often-neglected space.

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Vintage French - Unique Cabinet Choices

Vintage French – Unique Cabinet Choices

Unique Cabinet Choices are things that can start your vintage remodeling project. An old French wire wine cage was converted into a distinctive cabinet. Metal shelves were added to hold dishes and glassware. Large or heavy items are stored on open shelves beneath the unit.

Vintage French - Old Piece, New Purpose

Vintage French – Old Piece, New Purpose

Find an old piece and create a new purpose from the piece. This large antique cabinet was once used in a French shop, now it houses a dishwasher and sink. To save the budget ; drop-in sinks that rest directly on the countertop are less-expensive than under mounted sinks. When remodeling a kitchen, consider keeping the sink in the same place to avoid extra plumbing expenses.

DIY Savvy

DIY Savvy

DIY Savvy – The homeowners did much of the work in this stylish and cozy kitchen themselves in order to afford the high-end look they wanted. They craved expensive polished concrete counters, but opted for concrete on just the central island and installed it themselves.

DIY Savvy - A High End Custom-Look for Less

DIY Savvy – A High End Custom-Look for Less

Begin the project by put a high end custom to get a look for less. The homeowners installed the pretty tile backsplash themselves, a stunning complement to the bold, rich wall color. To save the budget, you can give standard cabinets a custom-feel, choose different color shades for the upper and lower cabinets. In this kitchen, the homeowners chose a light honey finish for the upper cabinets and a dark finish for the lower cabinets. Matching hardware keeps the look cohesive.

DIY Savvy - Cozy Seating

DIY Savvy – Cozy Seating

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Then complete the project with cozy seating. A built-in bench is a practical choice for creating a small-space breakfast nook. The homeowners’ children created the one-of-a-kind artwork by filling in leaf sketches with small bits of colored paper.

Through those ideas, we can see that DIY kitchens on a budget are not too difficult to reach. Happy remodeling!