Color Ideas For Kitchen

Color ideas for kitchen is something important for being learnt, especially for us who have small kitchen. Color can give different effects in kitchen’s appearance, that’s why choosing the best colors for our kitchen can be so difficult thing. Color ideas are not only about choosing wall colors, you should also think to unify the wall colors and all colors of kitchen fixtures. Below you will find some ideas for coloring your kitchen well and nicely.

Color Ideas for Kitchen: Picture Collections

Picture One: Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

Fresh-Squeezed LemonadeFresh-Squeezed Lemonade

It’s true that yellow is an energetic, eye-catching hue that can easily uplift moods and inspire, especially in the kitchen. In this casual family kitchen, yellow is only seen along the upper half of the walls and in the island light fixtures. However, the playful color scheme is undeniably the first thing noticed. The yellow, mixed with white cabinets, coffered ceilings and a soft backsplash, emits an airy feel that would make anyone feel right at home.

Picture Two: Red Hot Kitchen

Red Hot KitchenRed Hot Kitchen

Nothing spices up a rich, gourmet kitchen quite like a playful pop of red. These colorful barstools are the perfect complement to dark wood cabinetry and floors in this Old World-inspired kitchen. White coffered ceilings, recessed lighting and white marble countertops help reflect light around the room, which visually expands the already spacious gathering spot.

Picture Three: A Splash of Pumpkin

A Splash of PumpkinA Splash of Pumpkin

This sleek, ultra-contemporary kitchen — with a vast amount of countertop space — is the perfect place for preparing intimate dinners. Its Macassar ebony veneer cabinetry and glazed pumpkin walls emit a warm and inviting feeling from the moment guests walk into the room. To add a shiny, contrasting look that still creates warmth, you can mix in white lacquer accents from the island to the countertop.

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Picture Four: Cooking With Blueberries

Cooking With BlueberriesCooking With Blueberries

A subtle dose of blue adds just the right amount of vintage-inspired charm to this contemporary kitchen. The most noticeable design element is the scattered blue-and-ivory tile backsplash above the stove. The sporadic tile placement makes the backsplash the focal point and ties the entire color scheme together.

Picture Five: Eat Your Greens

Eat Your GreensEat Your Greens

In most room settings, green is known for being a cool, soothing color that can easily bring comfort and calmness. The crisp, apple-green hue and natural wood ceiling planks mesh beautifully with the sleek, stainless steel cabinetry and appliances while still maintaining an organic look and feel around the room.

Picture Six: Cherry-Stained Cabinets

Cherry-Stained CabinetsCherry-Stained Cabinets

The walls and countertops may be a cool shade of white, but sometimes the most color, saturation and pattern can lie in a beautiful piece of wood. SPG Architects designed this contemporary kitchen at Casa Torcida around a species of local wood and refined stainless steel elements for a crisp, polished look. When the kitchen requires an extra dose of color, a stunning flower arrangement is all that’s needed.

Picture Seven: Sky-Blue Frosting

Sky-Blue FrostingSky-Blue Frosting

This contemporary kitchen is immediately illuminated by the sky-blue light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. This cool blue hue is carried across the room, from the expansive island and accessories to the lights reflected in the back wall shelves.

Picture Eight: Raspberry Accents

Raspberry AccentsRaspberry Accents

This airy kitchen feels open and inviting with its French doors, skylights and crisp, white-on-white color scheme. To add a modern edge, the designer included sharp black and fuchsia accents in the barstools, place settings and geometric light fixture. Using deeper contrasts in the kitchen helps create a barrier between the two areas, creating a softer, more intimate space in the dining room.

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Color ideas for kitchen affect our cooking area perfectly. Because of kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a house, where all family members gather for casual dinner and children do their homework, we should choose kitchen colors that are adaptable, easy and appealing to everyone.