Which Track Lighting Is Right For My Kitchen ?

Track lighting gives the impression that flexible in your room. You can customize it with your mood or provide accent or task lighting right to live, work and any activity in your kitchen. There are many choices in track lighting, ranging from basic track to kable lite. But which track lighting is right for my kitchen?

Track Lighting For Kitchen Options

Basic Track

Basic Track Kitchen Lighting

Basic track is the track of the most common and most frequently used. Basic track is usually mounted directly to the ceiling or can be dropped from the ceiling with the use of suspension. Fixtures are installed by sliding them onto the track then finished with end caps for a smooth look. You can use a number of power feeds for powering a Basic Track system. A Floating Canopy Connector can be set up anywhere along the track and a junction box covers while providing power to the system. A Live End Connector can be set up if you are running wires directly into the track without using a junction box. You can set the system at any point of connection, such as straight, angled, fork, and others.

Suspended Monorail

Suspended Monorail Kitchen Lighting

Suspended Monorail track systems are bendable and can hand-make-many shapes toput light where you want it. You can create a spiral path, corrugated, circular, or run trackalong virtually any wall. You also can make sharp turns at an angle of 90 degrees orFlexible Connectors.

Monorail Track

Monorail Track Kitchen Lighting

Monorail Track should be hung by standoffs and height should be adjusted to the whole system. Standoffs should be used every 30-36 inches and a ceiling-mounted power feed canopy will also count as a standoff. Adjustable standoffs and will provide additional stiffness to eight feet for height adjustment. Power Extenders are used to drop the ceiling a longer to extend power to the system at the desired height and installed on the ca

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Two-Circuit Monorail

Two Circuit Monorail Kitchen Lighting

It means two tracks in one system. You can divide fixtures onto separate switches by installing a set screw to terminal No.. 1 or 2, depend on the circuit you’d like the fixture on.

Tech Track

Tech Track Kitchen Lighting

Tech track has the look and design similar to the Monorail, but using a larger fixture is120V. It is a hand-bendable line voltage system so you will need a power feed standoff.Low-voltage fixtures can be set up to the system using a Transformer Track Adaptor.Tech Track but can not be mounted directly onto the ceiling.

Kable Lite

Kable Lite Kitchen Lighting

Kable Lite is a unique system featuring parallel low voltage which is designed to disappear so as to create “floating lights”. Cables are tightened between two rigid surfaces using anchors and turnbuckles. Kable Lite can be installed with a distance of 20 feet without any additional devices. You also can create bends and changes direction almost every corner. Placed on the wall or hung on the ceiling, Kable Lite there for you.

Customize your space with track lighting to create the perfect light. Which track lighting is right for my kitchen? Now you know the answer.