Lighting Ideas For Kitchen

When you’re entertaining, do you ever find yourself asking “Why do we always end up gathering in the kitchen?” There’s a simple answer to that. As the “heart” of most households, it’s where people naturally feel comfortable. That’s why to make it more comfortable you should know what the best of lighting ideas for kitchen is.

Chandelier for KitchenChandelier for Kitchen

If your household is like most, a variety of tasks are performed in the kitchen, from cooking to homework to socializing. As one of the most frequented rooms of the home and the hub for family bonding, a well-lit, inviting kitchen is a worthy investment.  Achieving the right look doesn’t mean breaking the bank on a huge, expensive chandelier over your kitchen table. Today, it’s all about applying lighting in well-planned layers. Here are some of today’s hottest trends in kitchen lighting.

Distinctive Kitchen LightingDistinctive Kitchen Lighting

 Trends of Lighting Ideas for Kitchen

Pendants, Pendants, Pendants! Often decorative in nature, pendants cast decorative “pools” of light, and make wonderful sources of both task and ambient lighting (depending on the particular design). One of today’s most prominent trends is using mini pendants in “rows” over kitchen islands or bars, in lieu of the traditional kitchen island light. With a myriad of pendant styles available, you really can’t go wrong.

Layers of LightLayers of Light

Under Cabinet Lights is your secret weapon in lighting ideas for kitchen. Standing alone, they may not be much to look at. But under cabinet lights can make all the difference in your kitchen lighting scheme, bringing new life to your countertops and backsplash. Under cabinet lights are particularly appealing if you’ve already invested in renovations – why not show off your hard work? Because they illuminate countertops (where a lot of cooking “prep work” is done), under cabinet lights are also a terrific source of task lighting. They are widely available in energy efficient options.

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Light for Kitchen IslandLight for Kitchen Island

Re-thinking Foyer Lights – Homeowners often choose antique lantern-style pendants in their foyers for their rustic charm and open design, casting a widespread, inviting light. It should come as no surprise that entry/foyer lights are making their way into kitchens everywhere, and look lovely over tabletops as a stylish alternative to the chandelier or island light.

Light up Your Cooking ZoneLight up Your Cooking Zone

Using Track Lighting As an Overhead Light Source – More than any room in the house, the kitchen needs sufficient lighting. In particular, overhead lights can help to fill in the gaps, and ensure that your kitchen is evenly lit. Because of its versatility, track lighting is rising in popularity as an overhead lighting source in the kitchen. Available in energy efficient options, track lighting also allows you to position each light to fully customize your overhead light and put the focus where you need it.

Vintage LightingVintage Lighting

Good lighting ideas for kitchen can benefit from shadow-less food preparation areas, cooking areas, general areas, preferred light levels for intimate moods and entertaining moods.