Easy Undercounter Kitchen Lighting

Undercounter Kitchen Lighting InstallingHighlight your countertops are beautiful and enlightening your dark room by adding undercounter lighting for your kitchen. By means of this simple step-by-step, anyone can install undercounter lighting without electrician.

Materials needed for installing Undercounter Kitchen Lighting :

  • 1-8 inch undercabinet xenon light (Utilitech) for every 16 “to 24” cabinet
  • safety glasses
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • drill or screw gun
  • 1/2 “drill bit and 1/16” drill
  • outlet within 6 ‘of the location of lighting
  • UL-listed cable staples

Plan Location and Spacing

Plan Location and SpacingLay out the lamp on the table, directly under the lights at the intended location of the installation distance, less than 13 inches apart. Light of this link using the included quick-connect cable, but you do not put lights in at this stage. Adjust the lamp so that light is in the last six feet from the wall outlet to make sure the power cord can reach the outlet.

Tip: Newer homes may have a power outlet on the switch located in the interior of the cabinet. Check the inside wall of the kitchen cabinets. If the cabinets have a lighting outlet cabinet, drill holes with a 1/2-inch drill bit in a rack cabinet to the bottom outlet of the location of the cabinet.

Install Lights

Install LightsThese lights are used to come with mounting template and mounting hardware. The mounting template in your desired location of each light and mark the screw-hole locations. Allow enough space around the light to the rope to be easily plugged in. effective in hiding the wires, mount the lights to the front edge of the cabinet. Drill pilot holes with a 1/16-inch drill bit, 5/8-inches deep. Insert the mounting screws and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver, leave 1/8-inch of exposed screw thread. Scroll to the light exposed screws and lock in place. Repeat until all the lights have been installed.

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Tip: Lighting systems should be hidden from sight. If the cabinet does not eliminate the undercounter lighting system, a light rail timber you can easily add to your closet to add beauty and hide the wiring closet.

Mount Cords

Mount CordsConnect the lights to light the second-to-last with a quick connect cable. Screw down the cable staples to secure the cable to the bottom of the cabinet. Keep the cord on the front edge of the cabinet to hide the wires from the line of sight. Continue connecting the quick-connect wiring and use wire staples until all the lights are connected, but do not put the lights on yet.

Tip: To install the table attached to the outlet, plug the cable cover to hide the walls of exposed wires.

Enter Bulbs

Install include lights in the lamp and be careful not to touch the xenon lamp with your fingers. Close the lid.

Finish the Installation

Plug in and turn on the lamp lighting system respectively. If the lights on the system outlet / switch embedded, embedded switch will control the lights. If lights are not on the system outlet / switch built in, you change the light first in the chain will in turn all the lights on. Tip: A large number of the remaining wires can be cut without special tools or knowledge of the end of the cable plug. With the power of final cut, trim pair of wires to the desired length, remove the insulation at the end of a 1/8-inch cut. Slide the cover from the connector and remove the old cable and push the end of shorted wires firmly into the channel, cable piercing the metal contacts. Finally, bend at an angle of 90 degrees and slide back into the plug.

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Installing the kitchen under counter lighting is not as difficult as you imagine. All that is very easy and does not need a lot of time and equipment needed. Now, your kitchen brighter in the beautiful lighting.