The Great Fifteen Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen can become a magnet for clutter, and when you’re cooking and entertaining guests, that are the last thing you want! Problem solved, because we’re breaking down all of the kitchen storage ideas and solutions here.

Kitchen Storage Ideas and Solutions

Idea One: Dual Shelving

Dual ShelvingDual Shelving

This hutch not only provides a hallmark centerpiece for a country kitchen, it also offers abundant exposed shelving to show off an assortment of plates, glasses, cups, and crockery while the space below conceals less attractive items.

Idea Two: Glass Cabinets

Glass CabinetsGlass Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets provide great incentives for forcing you — and your family — to be organized. Any clutter or dishware put back in the wrong place will be visible. Try storing everyday dinnerware above the work surface, while hiding the clutter of pots and pans behind closed doors.

Idea Three: Easy-Access Storage

Easy Acces StorageEasy Acces Storage

Simple floor-to-ceiling shelves provide easy access to dishes, place mats, and other kitchen necessities. Loose items are kept in wicker baskets, which add texture and visual interest while keeping order.

Idea Four: Box Shelf

Box ShelfBox Shelf

A clean, rectangular wall-mounted box shelf provides a sleek alternative to cabinets, while abundant drawers in a breakfast bar offer copious hideaway storage for items too large for the shelf.

Idea Five: Vertical Control

Vertical ControlVertical Control

A plain accent pole serves as anchor for innovative hanging storage — adjustable circular shelves that rotate to provide access to seasonings and condiments when needed.

Idea Six: Back to the Basics With Baskets

Basket StorageBasket Storage

Baskets are an inexpensive, attractive solution for storing like items; plus, they’re portable. This kitchen is also a great example of how to utilize open shelves in a stylish way. Design by Lori Dennis

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Idea Seven: Super Storage

Super StorageSuper Storage

Proper storage is the key to a clutter-free kitchen, allowing you to maximize your space and cooking efficiency. From labeled containers to stacked canisters, check out these products that can help streamline your area and put everything in arm’s reach.

Idea Eight: New Order

New OrderNew Order

Poggenpohl’s latest drawer styles have ultrathin right-angle sides to make the most of internal space, plus a modular walnut or maple box system that holds everything from ceramic containers to spices. About $400 as part of a custom kitchen.

Idea Nine: Can You Please Pass Me a Whisk?

Pie Filling CansPie Filling Cans

How charming is this utensil holder made from pie filling cans? To make your own, take a close look at the canned goods in your grocery store, or personalize cans with your children’s artwork for an eco-friendly storage solution.

Idea Ten: Well Stacked

Well StackedWell Stacked

These crystal-clear Flip Tite canisters stack neatly to save space in your cabinets. The lids, which have an easy-open flip ring, create an airtight seal to eliminate food waste. $5–$15;

Idea Eleven: See-Through Cabinets

See Trough CabinetsSee Trough Cabinets

Much attention was given to this kitchen’s cabinetry. Neatly stacked dishes behind glass cabinet doors make a lovely design statement at the end of the island and simplify setting the table. Design by Thomas A. Conway.

Idea Twelve: Store Your Wine in an Island

Wine in Kitchen IslandWine in Kitchen Island

If you’d like a place to store wine within easy reach, opt for an island like this one. It keeps the bottles tucked away and looks fabulous. Design by Jackie Glisson.

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Idea Thirteen: Get Creative With Custom Cabinets

Custom CabinetCustom Cabinet

When you’re designing custom cabinets, remember that you don’t have to choose a door or drawer front to complete the look. Here, cooking oils are hidden behind an architectural feature right by the stove. Design by Dave Stimmel.

Idea Fourteen: Dry Idea

Dry IdeaDry Idea

Simple Human’s bamboo-and-coatedsteel dish rack improves on the standard model with an extendable drip tray that sends water into the sink and adjustable flip-down tines that accommodate plates or bigger items. $80. 877-988-7770;

Idea Fifteen: Write On

Write OnWrite On

The ASA Memo collection of kitchen containers – lidded bowls, canisters and jars – in gloss-white porcelain feature a matte-black “label” you can write on with chalk. $9–$35;

Now you can create a clean and tidy space with these kitchen storage ideas and solutions.