Stunning Ideas Of Kitchen Design With Bar

What makes a kitchen design with bar unforgettable? A grand scale or sleek materials? Eye-catching bar stools? Yes, yes, and yes! But don’t think that more subtle statements can’t be equally memorable. Whether you have a penthouse kitchen or a small kitchen nook where you prepare food in your studio apartment, there are ways to incorporate bar style into your setup.

Gallery of Kitchen Design with Bar

Idea One: Wooden Kitchen Bar

Wooden Kitchen Bar DesignWooden Kitchen Bar Design

We begin with wooden bars, a popular choice given the warmth they add to a room. How do you accessorize them? There are countless options. Above we see a special project called the Zero Energy House. Note the streamlined look of the wooden bar, as well as the choice to pair it with white padded seats to create a contrast of dark and light.

Chunky Bar DesignChunky Bar Design

Chunky is the word for this next featured space! The substantial wooden curves of the bar above have an unfinished feel, which truly stands out against the dark countertops. Overhead lighting adds drama. Natural meets modern in the most unexpected of ways

Idea Two: Metal Kitchen Bars

Metal Kitchen BarMetal Kitchen Bar

Metal is sleek. It’s modern. It’s industrial. Let’s face it–metal is timeless! We love the look of the metal kitchen bar above, which is really a contemporary island with a sink. Two black and chrome stools complete the look and tie in this seating area with the rest of the kitchen.

Bright Blue Kitchen BarBright Blue Kitchen Bar

Stainless steel is the perfect accompaniment to the bright blue cabinetry in the next featured kitchen. In fact, this “bar for one” proves that even the smallest of kitchens can revel in bar counter style! A leather stool adds warmth and interest to this creative space

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Idea Three: Bright and Colorful Kitchen Bars

Brigt and Colorful Kitchen BarBrigt and Colorful Kitchen Bar

We now turn our attention to the light, bright and vivid. Let’s start with the crisp look of the modern bistro kitchen above, complete with a marble island that doubles as a bar. Earthy wooden stools make it clear that this bistro space is definitely of the contemporary variety. Note the industrial pendant lighting that hangs overhead.

Orange Kitchen BarOrange Kitchen Bar

Orange is the color of choice in the next interior. Not only does the bar shine with a gleaming fiery hue, this color appears throughout the home. Note its presence in the dining room wall art, as well as the bold living room sofa. Black and chrome bar stools are an ideal accompaniment, as is golden pendant lighting that reinforces the warm glow of the room.

All in all, we believe there are more to come in our ideas of kitchen design with bar for you to choose from. The variety of choices that we have showed you was a blast for sure. The colors, the materials and the furnishings in the kitchen as common as they are, the modern variations sure make it more interesting.