Smart Designs For Beautiful Small Kitchen

Small kitchen with limited space or not so narrowly wide. As a homeowner you want, although small, the kitchen becomes a permanent part of comfort and support your activities. Here is a smart tips for beautiful small kitchen designs.

Tips For Beautiful Small Kitchen Designs

Gourmet Minimalis

Gourmet Minimalist Small Kitchen

Some of the things that are useful as a good old reflective, white space feels spacious when you try to make a small space. Combined with high ceilings, steel counter, light colored, mosaic-tile backsplash and large windows that flood the room with natural light, this small apartment kitchen was nothing but feels cluttered. Linearity sleek space and functionality adds to the perception of roominess.

Waste Not

Waste Not Small Kitchen Idea

It’s all part of the kitchen – oven, stove, sink, storage drawers and preparation area – is a neat thing contained in a large island in a bold contemporary style, located hitting dab in the middle of the apartment with an open design. On one side of the island is the living room and on the other side is the dining room. Multi-utility is an interesting theme of this space. Even the range hood has a dual purpose, namely to double as a shelf for stemware as well as equipment.

Sleek and Chic

For a contemporary loft space, Velvet Hammerschmidt Design Santa Monica Bulthaup kitchen tucked under a steel staircase leads to the second floor. Cooking in this way takes place on the back wall. While the 11-foot Carerra marble island that does double duty as a preparation area at one end and a kitchen table on the other side. This island divides the kitchen from the living room and while the rest of the ceiling towering with color, light and reflective steel walls provide a soothing impression.

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Let in the Light

Small Kitchen Let in the Light

U-shaped layout provides efficiency when the shortage of space. Space U is modified by placing an invisible refrigerator is on the right. Half the kitchen wall with a stone base to hide the table and work space from the living room and while letting light pass and conversation. All this is important for the cooking and cleaning to be within range of your hand. Horizontal drawer handle is enough for a double function as a towel rack and a large floor tiles that make a kitchen look bigger than it is.

Casual Cottage

We can have a kitchen pass-through in the style of the classic school. Open to the dining room and lounge with large windows on the one hand, this space is well lit and use bright colors to create a sense of roominess. The 1900’s classic and flush-mounted fixtures, subway backsplash tiles extend the feel of the old and classical. Even there is room for desk and computer station at the nearest end.

Cooking countries

Desing this one, easy-to-navigate design workspace, creating a kitchen such as cooking area, storage and sink in one or two steps away from one another. A pantry is drawn that not only saves space, but you don’t need frustration to organize a messy closet. The kitchen is equipped with a large sink, modern appliances stacked, floor to ceiling storage cabinets are designed for and targeted lighting.

Marbled to Perfection

Galley-style kitchen can be very useful, especially in the apartment. But be aware that the hall – both road and raised cabinets. Space is too narrow can make you hard to breath. To avoid the trap, designed built-in wall cabinets flush with large refrigerator built at one end of this kitchen. A large window provides plenty of light to reflected light from the white marble counter. Sink, oven and refrigerator are in easily navigable triangle.

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Island Living

Clutter is your enemy, especially in the condo that is only an area of 675 square feet. Tile splash of aqua catch your eye and blend well with colored glass wardrobe on the right and white decorations as a whole. A small island separates the kitchen work area of the apartment living room and blond wood floors while living together.

Color Purple

Small Kitchen Purple Color

With a good plan in the laying, you can slip a kitchen, homey country to a small area. The key is to create a feeling of space. In this case, the windshield KraftMaid cabinets in the vanilla-bean glaze gives the impression of airy and light while eliminating many of the suggestive dark shadows. This is the benefit of a large apartment windows that flood the kitchen with an abundance of natural light, giving designers the flexibility to incorporate dark colors, including red oak flooring, walls plum and green granite countertops. The kitchen is raised six inches and is separated from the living room by a “feed-in” three bar stools.

Contemporary Cool

How do you fit up the professional equipment into a small space? Feel challenged by the unusual angle and narrow place, you as a homeowner to design a narrow trail work space where every inch of space is a narrow opportunity to be creative. Using the blond wood, stainless steel and kitchen lighting has become a work of modern art. The table is a harmonious extension of the island, where the sink sits there. On the left of the oven is a drum with a roll up door shelf show withdrawal for KitchenAid mixer and other equipment.

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Being small does not always feel tight. Being beautiful is not necessarily in a large room. Beautiful in small kitchen is challange in smart design. The key is that you should be able to give a lot of lighting and the use of existing space. Small kitchen? Why not?!