Orange Kitchen Ideas

Orange Kitchen Ideas – Kitchens are the heart of the home in just about anyone’s home but how many of us have the courage to use bold colors in them? Have you ever thought about the color orange in a kitchen? Orange is considered to be an extreme color and sometimes tend to evoke a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ attitude from people. Orange, like red, is also said to be appetizing.

Contemporary Kitchen with Orange IslandContemporary Kitchen with Orange Island

Orange Kitchen Ideas: Tips and Tricks

Paint One Wall Orange and the Others a Lighter Shade of the Same Hue – A kitchen will all orange walls is not an ideal choice for everyone since it is bold and extremely warm. When looking for creative orange kitchen ideas without going overboard with color, paint one wall a rich shade of tangerine and the others a lighter shade of the same hue. Find a sample card containing three or more paint chips, and choose two hues on the same card. Make the deeper shade the focal wall when decorating the kitchen, and create a rich ginger backdrop for works of metal wall art, shelving, candle sconces and more.

Coral Bold Orange KitchenCoral Bold Orange Kitchen

Decorating with Burnt-Orange Sunflowers – When people think of sunflowers they think of the sunny yellow variety, but they come in other colors. When decorating a kitchen in orange, buy high-quality burnt orange sunflowers, and place them in a clear glass vase along with light blue transparent marbles. The burnt orange with soft blue accents are a lovely combination, and the vase will look great in the center of the kitchen table or on a countertop.

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Glossy Orange Kitchen CabinetsGlossy Orange Kitchen Cabinets

Orange and Sleek Kitchen DesignOrange and Sleek Kitchen Design

Spray-Paint Woven Storage Baskets a Deep Shade of Orange – Decorating accessories for a kitchen can be altered to match specific colors. Since woven baskets are not typically available in orange, buy primer and spray paint in a color of your choice. Buy baskets to add storage on top of the refrigerator or elsewhere in the kitchen. Prime and paint the baskets, and use them to hold everything from bagged snacks to paperwork. They will add a unique decorating touch while providing stylish space for storage.

Modular And Bright Orange KitchenModular And Bright Orange Kitchen

Look for Painted Metal Wall Art – When decorating a kitchen in a carroty hue, search for metal wall art with accents such as sculptured sunflowers to match faux flowers in a vase or another subject with tangerine highlights. Monarch butterflies are also an eye-catching subject when decorating a kitchen in orange. Create a focal point on a bare wall, and decorate around it with flat-backed woven basketry or candle sconces complete with fragrant candles. The decorating options are endless and dramatic when decorating a dream kitchen in beautiful shades of tangerine.

Modern Orange Kitchen from Volare

Modern Orange Kitchen from Volare

Orange is a cheerful color for a kitchen. This is because it is sunny and bright, and the theme options are limitless. For some this hot bright hue is a bit too much, but it can be used in tasteful and stylish ways. Try these creative orange kitchen ideas, and enjoy beautiful hybrid sunflowers, metal wall art and more.