Modern Kitchen Wall Colors

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the color you choose must reflect the primary use of the room. For some individuals, the kitchen serves a very basic purpose, preparing food. But if your kitchen is a gathering place, either for family or for entertaining, you must decide whether you need colors to soothe or colors to invigorate. Traditional kitchen usually plays white on the wall, but for modern kitchen design, it enables for you to play colorful choices on the wall. Below are some ideas for modern kitchen wall colors.

Ideas for Modern Kitchen Wall Colors

Idea One: Energetic Yellow Kitchen

Yellow Modern KitchenYellow Modern Kitchen

Clutter is out and color is in, in this galley kitchen design. Yellow cabinets add a burst of energy to the white walls and sleek silver hardware ties the modern theme together. Design by Todd Hansen of Albertsson Hansen Architecture, LTD.

Idea Two: Glamorous Kitchen

Glamorous KitchenGlamorous Kitchen

This dynamic kitchen has blue cabinets and an adjacent bold yellow dining room. The granite countertops add contrast, while the pendants, made from semi-precious quartz, create a division between the two rooms and add a little glitz. Design by Alia Meyer in Larkspur, Calif.

Idea Three: Peacock Style Kitchen

Peacock Style KitchenPeacock Style Kitchen

This kitchen, designed by Ken Kelly in New York, features bursts of color and artistic creativity. The tile floor complements the hand-painted peacock feathers on the ceiling. The artwork behind the stove adds another element of texture, while the rich cabinets bring a sense of balance. Photo by Ric Marder.

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Idea Four: Complementary Kitchen Colors

Complementary Kitchen ColorsComplementary Kitchen Colors

This kitchen uses a light yellow as a base color throughout the space. The shade creates a bright, fun feel, and the red barstools add an exciting pop of color. Design by Erinn Valencich.

Idea Five: Kitchen With Red Walls

Kitchen with Red WallsKitchen with Red Walls

Red walls add a fun personality to this space without being overwhelming. It’s easy and inexpensive to give your kitchen a new flavor with a little paint. Design by Judith Balis.

Idea Six: Open Wide with Aqua Paint

Aqua Paint IdeaAqua Paint Idea

Once claustrophobic, this Pacific Northwest kitchen now feels fresh and bright, thanks to major surgery. Most wall cabinets were removed, and the new windows are 6 inches taller than the ones they replaced. Aqua paint, a suspended range hood, and a custom zebrawood island with “stiletto heel” legs match the airy design.

Idea Seven: Bold Kitchen Design

Bold Kitchen ColorsBold Kitchen Colors

A pale kelly green was chosen for the walls and ceiling of this kitchen to complement the green-veined quartzite countertops and custom enameled cabinetry. The fabric on the barstools accentuates the wall color. Design by Shelly Riehl David.

Idea Eight: Cape Cod Kitchen Style

Cape Cod KitchenCape Cod Kitchen

This space has a Cape Cod feel with light blue walls that extend into the living room. The cheery blue is paired with white cabinets and locally made hardware that matches the walls throughout the vintage space. Design by Jessica Williamson in Newton, Mass. Photo by Judson Abts

Inspiration for modern kitchen wall colors can be found just about anywhere. So don’t limit yourself to home decor magazines when seeking modern kitchen paint color palettes.

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