Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas

If you are planning a kitchen overhaul or building a new one from the ground up, you should consider Mediterranean kitchen ideas. This warm, vibrant kitchen style is inviting to chefs and guests alike. The whole family will be hanging out in your Mediterranean-style kitchen, not just for the food but for the ambiance. From the more rustic to the boldly dramatic you can customize appliances, colors, accents, and features to create a unique Old World look that’s just right for your personality.

Design of Mediterranean Kitchen

Design of Mediterranean Kitchen

Elements of Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas

Flooring Ideas – Mediterranean design is beautiful yet casual. Create a real Old World look by using natural flooring like split brick, stone, or wood. You’ll be thinking of quaint Greek villages and cozy Spanish villas with flooring that utilizes natural resources. Staining wood floors is a great idea, but don’t go too dark. Keep your flooring on the lighter side to suggest seaside Mediterranean living.

White Mediterranean KitchenWhite Mediterranean Kitchen

Color Schemes – Mediterranean decor can vary greatly from warm earth tones to bright, bold almost Caribbean colors. Choose contrasting colors for paints, and add depth to your Mediterranean kitchen’s color scheme by bringing your paint choices into counter tops and back splash selections. Marble, granite, and even concrete counter tops can help you really capture the Old World look. Use a bright complementary color for the trim around the ceiling and floors. Or choose a glossy white to add shine and style.

Mediterranean Kitchen IdeasMediterranean Kitchen Ideas

Vintage Traditional Mediterranean KitchenVintage Traditional Mediterranean Kitchen

Accents – There are certain features in Mediterranean kitchen ideas that can really influence your look. Mosaic designs added to a tiled wall or table-top can really cause your kitchen to go the decorating distance. Add wooden blinds and shutters for a true seaside touch, or finish your windows with a light, airy fabric that captures the breeze. Copper details on drawers and cabinets are an authentic Old World touch. Wrought-iron fixtures also make lovely accents. A wooden serving table or island will add to the appeal of your Mediterranean kitchen.

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Mediterranean Kitchen LayoutMediterranean Kitchen Layout

Kitchen comes in several styles or layouts. It may be in letter shape or special style such as U, L, G letter shaped kitchen style, galley, parallel, single wall, and many more. Basically, the layout style of the Mediterranean kitchen designs is similar with other kitchen design style. You only have to ensure the kitchen style is suitable for the kitchen space or not. It means, kitchen measurement should be done carefully.

The Luxury of Mediterranean Kitchen DesignThe Luxury of Mediterranean Kitchen Design

To sum up, we would definitely advise you to choose the Mediterranean design for your kitchen. However, you should first think about whether it will suit the overall atmosphere in your home. You must agree that if you live in a home full of vivid colors, Mediterranean kitchen ideas would look kind of inappropriate.