L Shaped Kitchen Floor Plan: The Most Popular Choice

L- shaped kitchen floor plan is one of the most popular kitchen floor plans and as the name suggests, l-shaped kitchens are made up of two perpendicular work spaces. You will be able to create a natural work triangle with great amount of ease and comfort with these types of plans and the simple and extremely practical method of approach employed in l-shape designs makes it extremely popular as well.

L Shaped Kitchen Large Design

L Shaped Kitchen Large Design

L-shaped kitchen always promote a zoned approach to kitchen planning instead of having a work triangle approach. Top quality floor plans will allocate ample space between different zones to avert the possibility of collisions and adequate importance will be given to create a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

These types of floor plans do not involve any unwanted angles and curves and the cost effectiveness of these plans have won great appreciation as well. The internal structure of these designs will provide a decor that will go in complete harmony with the process of cooking.

L-shaped kitchens will give utmost importance to practical aspects by allowing plenty of counter space. You will also come to know how to include a kitchen island in a harmonious manner and all these aspects make l-shaped kitchen floor plans extremely flexible and practical as well.

You will be able to create work area on two adjacent walls that are vertical to each other with L shaped kitchen floor plan and you will not be able to find any traffic lanes in the work area as well. One leg can be extended around 12 to 15 feet and the extended leg should be divided into various work spaces to make the plan extremely efficient.

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These types of kitchens will always have two of the three major kitchen appliances on one wall and you will have to take into consideration the existing plumbing and electrical setups before identifying the exact location of various things.

L-shaped kitchens will be able to accommodate a peninsula or center island based on the size of the kitchen and it is always advisable to leave 42 inches of clearance between the cabinets and island. This distance should be increased to 48 inches if you have two cooks in the family.

These types of plans offer ample corner space for your kitchen and they will go well with medium and small kitchen spaces as well. Another benefit that can be associated with these plans is that length can be adjusted with great ease and the kitchen can be divided into various work sites in a hassle free manner as well.

There will not be any traffic lanes to cause any kind of disrupt in the work zones and eating spaces like table and chairs can be added to the lay out in an uncomplicated manner. The bad side of these types of plans will not be a good option for large kitchens and if you have three or more cooks in your home these plans will not serve the purpose in the best possible manner.

Kitchen with L Shaped FLoor Plan

Kitchen with L Shaped FLoor Plan

If you want to make the heart and soul of your home extremely efficient and functional L shaped kitchen floor plan will be a great option. It can be said without an iota of doubt that a huge number of people have already realized this fact and that is exactly what makes l-shaped kitchen floor plans a hot topic of discussion in these days.The fact that these types of plans are pretty simple, highly practical and extremely cost effective, makes them all the more endearing to a huge number of people all over the world.

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