Kitchen With Tuscan Style

Tuscany is a region in Italy and the kitchens there are famous for the rustic mood they bring. Kitchen with Tuscan style sports characteristic warm earth tones along with natural materials to produce a worn out look. Although the appearance it produces is that of a century old kitchen, one can achieve it without buying expensive antique pieces.

Tuscan Style KitchensTuscan Style Kitchens

Kitchen with Tuscan Style: The Basic Elements

Color – The colors chosen include those that prominent in the Tuscan landscape itself. Think earthly shades of orange, yellow, red and green. Golden yellow, Burnt Orange, Burgundy should work out.

Texture – Use natural materials as far as possible. Stone, slate, granite, marble, limestone or terra cotta would help for flooring. Mosaics and colored tiles work as well for flooring or table tops. Walls should be roughly plastered. You could try out textured suede effect paint or add a bit of builder’s sand to normal paint just to create a rough look.

Cream and Gold Tuscan KitchenCream and Gold Tuscan Kitchen

Lighting – Again, think old style when you choose the lighting. Chandeliers and pendant lighting and even recessed lighting are okay but nothing too shiny or modern.

Exclusive Model of Modern Tuscan KitchenExclusive Model of Modern Tuscan Kitchen

Furniture – Furniture you choose should be rustic and old fashioned. Chunky wood furniture, with a distressed finish is desirable. Here is a quick tip on how to create that distressed wood finish: Apply a little wax on places that would appear to wear naturally like corners and edges. Now when you paint, it won’t adhere at those places where you rubbed wax. Keep the piece for drying and then sandpaper those areas where you would want to create the distressed effect. If you plan to buy rustic furniture, you should make sure to check out the local flea markets first. They may have some good deals. In general, pine or oak with neat, simple, uncomplicated lines would help accentuate the Tuscan look.

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Modern Stone Tuscan KitchenModern Stone Tuscan Kitchen

Decoration – Murals, Metal urns, terracotta planters, decorative bottles and jars, filled with specialty oils all help give an authentic look. It is also common for herbs and spices to be displayed in ceramic or stone jars on top of racks and shelves. Wrought Iron scroll wall grilles are also often used to add to the decor. Grape vines positioned over doorways or around cupboards are iconic of Tuscan kitchens. For true authenticity, no kitchen with Tuscan style is complete without a wood-burning pizza oven. You can just picture the light of the fire crisping up some homemade pizza dough and the smell of fresh tomatoes and basil lingering in the air.

Tuscan Kitchen StylesTuscan Kitchen Styles

The Tuscan decorating style, especially kitchen with Tuscan style, has become pretty popular in the U.S. because of its functionality, comfort and laid-back simplicity. Food is central to the Tuscan lifestyle, so the kitchen is the perfect place to bring in these design elements.