Kitchen In The Living Room: Kitchen Design Idea

modern design kitchen in the living roommodern design kitchen in the living room

Kitchen in the living room will be great idea for small space. Kitchen in the living room will create wider look into your house. When the space available inside the house is limited or we have to decorate a room or apartment, can certainly be useful to combine the back room at kitchen. To obtain two separate spaces at the same time maintain its own aesthetic value, we must of course take some important precautions. Since in fact two completely different areas from both the intended use for the type of furniture, living room and kitchenette must be matched by distinguishing functional areas and seeking to harmonize as much as possible the colors and furnishings.

borderless modern kitchen and traditional living roomborderless modern kitchen and traditional living room

Kitchen and Living Room Integrated in Harmony Design

Kitchen in the living room will give different nuance into your home. It should be said first that the two spaces, even if within the same environment, will in any case separated, even if partially, to define and distinguish the two areas in some way. For this purpose, the solutions may be different. The simplest option and is certainly more common to separate the two environments by raising a wall masonry, possibly decorated with glass, transparent or colored, to delimit the spaces while maintaining a continuity between rooms. The use of glass is also an optimal solution to make the area attractive for use in the kitchen and in agreement with the atmosphere of the lounge area. As regards the arrangement of the kitchen area, this can be easily organized also on one wall, for example using recessed elements, preferably with working surfaces overlapping and of compact dimensions. But it not only the kitchen that has to be adapted so that they can combine the best of the two environments.

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The living room is furnished in fact, so you can make the most of available space. To gain inches, for example, will be preferable to have the largest mobile along the longest wall and make the most of the space in height. A large library will be the carrier for example, where you can place objects such as TV, stereo or PC, which otherwise would occupy more space. Of fundamental importance is still decorating the living room with a few functional elements. It can be joined to the main mobile a large sofa, or alternatively two arm chairs, together with a table, a living room.

traditional living room with the open kitchen beyondtraditional living room with the open kitchen beyond

To maximize space will also be very useful to exploit the dividing wall between the living room and kitchen, obtaining between the wall and a wall niche that can be used as a storage room with the aid of a cabinet suitable. Finally, still gain inches, you can choose a flat-screen TV sets can be fixed directly on the wall thanks to the supports. A widespread solution is then to create a kitchen with peninsula. Obviously the peninsula should be fairly small in size and will in any case adapt to the environment, leaving the necessary space to other daily activities. On the peninsula you can place the stove or to work, install the sink and maybe even carve out a space for the breakfast or lunch, perhaps on the small stools as seats. The lower part instead is used as a container area for tools and accessories. In addition, the area with the peninsula can be optimized by creating a ceiling with spotlights recessed to the enlightenment, or simply using spotlights to suspension. Finally, for those who feel the need to separate cleanly in the living room and dining areas, you can opt for the modular kitchen. After fixing the various elements of the cooking area trying to make the most of space, will can install this gliding doors or of the retractable panels which, once closed, will go to completely hide the area intended for the kitchen, assuming the appearance of a simple cupboard or a wall that can be decorated at will.

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contemporary kitchen and living room spaced by kitchen islandcontemporary kitchen and living room spaced by kitchen island

Kitchen in the living room also can be the well-decoration. As already mentioned, the seating area and the one destined corner cooking must be distinguished between them, as different in functionality, but at the same time must maintain a certain continuity, especially as regards the aesthetic side and the style of furniture. For this reason, some devices will be followed which will allow to distinguish the two zones and others which instead will go to create a harmony between the two areas. With regard to the colors to be used, it is recommended to choose different for each of the two areas so as to separate and further refine the functional areas. The colors, however, must be of the same tone as not to create the contrast is too sharp. The style of furniture instead of the two areas should be as uniform as possible. In fact, if for example the living room furniture is chosen by modern appearance and essential, must be done the same for the kitchen. Same thing if you want to opt for a furniture flavor than traditional. Even the accessories present in the two spaces will not have to be completely different from each other.