Kitchen Designs With Islands — What Shape Fit On Your Kitchen?

Kitchen designs with islands can come in many different themes and styles to enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen. Depending on if your kitchen is L, U, or G shaped will help determine the design style and space needed for the island.  The first thing to consider for your kitchen island design, is your chosen kitchen layout. The kitchen floor plans that work best with kitchen islands are the L-shaped and straight (or one-wall) kitchen.

Kitchen Design with Island Types

L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Island

In L-shaped kitchen island designs, the stove can either be on a counter run or the island. Likewise the sink could also be on the island or there could be two sinks—one on the L and one on the island.

L Shaped Kitchen with Island WhiteL Shaped Kitchen with Island White

L Shaped Kitchen with Island Top ViewL Shaped Kitchen with Island Top View

Straight or One-Wall Kitchen Island Design

Traditional One Wall Kitchen Design with Island and Bar StoolsTraditional One Wall Kitchen Design with Island and Bar Stools

In the one-wall kitchen with island design, the sink and stove top could be either on the counter run or the island. The design shows the island is used as the food prep counter and also contains the dishwashing sink and dishwasher. The stove top is on the counter along with two wall ovens at the end of the counter.

Kitchen Island Design for U and G-Shaped Kitchens

White U-Shaped Kitchen Design with IslandWhite U-Shaped Kitchen Design with Island

Charming U Shaped Kitchen with IslandCharming U Shaped Kitchen with Island

U Shape Kitchen with Island Top ViewU Shaped Kitchen with Island Top View

Traditional G Shaped Kitchen with IslandTraditional G Shaped Kitchen with Island

Other layouts such as U and G-shaped kitchens can also support an island but are generally not for the faded of space. To incorporate an island in these kinds of design, the traditional work triangle would not allow free-walking around the island. Ideally the two sides of the island would have different functions. For example, meal preparation on one side and make coffee or tea on the other side.

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The most difficult part with kitchen islands designs like this is that the existence of an island invites people into the kitchen to hang out. If the island does not have adequate gangway space around it (more than four feet) to allow extra people to come in, it will be impossible to cook in this kitchen. These types of kitchen layout require a fair amount of space to avoid traffic jamming. Oft times a homeowner or designer puts in a kitchen island simply since they feel a quality kitchen should have one. This is not necessarily true because a U-shaped kitchen can create the same effect as kitchen islands do by using one arm of the U as a hang out part with seating on the non-kitchen side.