Kitchen Designs With Islands : Watch Out What You Should Do

Kitchen Designs With Islands : Watch Out What You Should Do – You should have decided exactly how your island will be used. Most kitchen islands are used for extra cook workspace and food preparation. But if yours is large enough, they can double as a semi formal eating location. Form should follow function—that is the design of the island should facilitate the island’s intended use.

modern steel cupboards and small island with sink chair and shelves kitchen designModern steel cupboards and small island with sink chair and shelves kitchen design


Kitchen Designs With Islands Tips

Simply, the island can be a table with or without drawers skirt around the edge. In designing what island you want to , you should have six points to give attention as follow.

Countertop Space and Designs

Deciding on the need of the countertop space is really depended on size. If a dining area is one of the main functions of the space, then a multi-level kitchen island design can be beneficial in which the higher level can have stools or chairs for eating, while the lower level can function as a cooking and serving area.

Kitchen designs with islands and sliding kitchen countertopKitchen designs with islands and sliding kitchen countertop

 The countertop can also extend beyond the base to allow face-to-face seating. Talking about the designs of countertop, some substance could be used depend on each characteristic that fit with our purpose. Granite is a very popular countertop design for its hard, natural, freckled stone of black to white. The granite is damage resistant and absorbs water well. Marble countertop is very durable and is resistant to heat. Laminate countertop is an affordable and versatile that comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Solid surface countertop is well known for a smooth surface and very easy to clean. Butcher-block countertops vary in grain patterns and color, have thick and tough surface, and keep the quality for years. Wood countertops are natural protectors from bacterial build-up, long-lasting and easy to refurbish.

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Practical modern kitchen designs with islands and barsPractical modern kitchen designs with islands and bars

Storage (Cabinet Design)

Putting the kitchen stuffs in good storing in the kitchen island can be a factor in choosing the size and type of cabinets or shelves that are needed. Cabinet and shelf styles can come in various forms. Drawers with handles, open shelves, cabinets with drawers, and cabinets with shelves are popular choices. To optimize space, an organizer can be added to the island and function as a spice rack and cooking utensil holder. Three layer pull-out stations are designed into the side of the island can slide out dishes and glasses with ease.

Small red kitchen designs with islandsSmall red kitchen designs with islands

Electrical and Plumbing for Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen Island cannot be separated from electrical plug outlets, plumbing drains and water lines as well as kitchen vents. Keep in mind that any sinks and associated plumbing will take up cabinet space in your kitchen designs with islands. Take a look under any standard sink to see the space required for the sink basin itself and the pipes. This space will be unusable space in your island. Plumbing and electrical features should be thoroughly planned out when choosing to have appliances within the island. Electrical wires take up very little space but it can’t be installed to your local electrical code. Generally they need to be within a shielded cable if they will run exposed inside the cabinetry. Kitchen vent hoods for stove tops need to be vented to the outside. Doing a quick shopping search online or locally for all electrical, plumbing, appliances and hardware items in available sizes and item price for your design is necessary.

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Kitchen designs with islands for small kitchens on gloss blue colorKitchen designs with islands for small kitchens on gloss blue color

Necessary Appliances and Accessories

There are many things to add to the kitchen designs with islands to easy your life. Appliances can be built into the island as well as extra accessories. Some are a wall-mounted paper towel holder can be hooked to the side of the kitchen island, rolling carts can fit underneath and slide out when necessary, a range, sink, dishwasher and microwave can also be installed in a kitchen island.

Modern white kitchen designs with islands, cupboards countertop and sinkModern white kitchen designs with islands, cupboards countertop and sink

Kitchen Island as Place to Be Together

In many homes, the kitchen is the major relaxation area that is not only to cook and eat, but also to socialize. The kitchen island becomes the main focal point. Everyone gathers around the island to meet and tell how are their day happened. Kitchen islands can also be used in Al Fresco kitchens, where parties can be held outdoors equipped with a grill, side burners, and an outdoor mini refrigerator. Kitchen Designs With Islands : Watch Out What You Should Do @