Inspirational Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Galley kitchen design ideas are great ideas for you whose kitchens are small, narrow and long. Through applying the kitchen design, you will get a kitchen that is interesting and functional in limited area. Mentioned below are some inspiring design of galley kitchen.

Pictures of Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Picture One: Make a U-Turn

U Turn Shaped KitchenU Turn Shaped Kitchen

This U-shaped galley kitchen takes full advantage of its ceiling height and the available light. The location of the sink provides views outdoors, while glass-front, white-painted cabinet doors help make the space feel open and generous.

Picture Two: White and Light

White and Light GalleyWhite and Light Galley

High-gloss cabinets and walls in crisp white give this modern space its clean look. Large-scale floor tiles in a textured, organic gray make the space feel more expansive than a tiny mosaic tile would.

Picture Three: Unexpected Touches

Unexpected TouchesUnexpected Touches

With no window, this homeowner decided to layer oversized kitchen-theme art on a functional chalkboard wall, ideal for shopping lists and notes. An unexpected chandelier adds a glamorous touch.

Picture Four: All Aboard

All AboardAll Aboard

Industrial-style pendant lights give a nod to the galley kitchen’s seafaring roots. Stainless steel appliances extend the theme and provide a bit of sheen—perfect for a small space. Open shelves and a built-in bar allow maximum space efficiency.

Picture Five: Vintage Elements

Vintage ElementsVintage Elements

Ceiling-high cabinets topped with traditional stacked crown molding make the most of this kitchen’s vertical space. A retro stool, wall-mounted clock, and basic ceiling fan add character as well.

The galley kitchen design ideas can be remodeled much like any other kitchen, but there are a few exceptions. Take note of the following:

  • Use Kitchen Designs Appropriate for the Galley Kitchen. Kitchen islands, breakfast bars, and other similar things only suck away room from the galley kitchen. You’ll need to keep the galley kitchen to the basics: upper and lower cabinets, counters, refrigerator, sink, stove/oven, and possibly a dishwasher.
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galley kitchen with wood and modern designGalley Kitchen with Wood and Modern Design

  • Watch the Sink. Huge farmhouse sinks or sinks angled at 45 degrees are great ways to waste space. Instead, look for scaled-down sinks and keep sinks parallel to the counters.
  • Find Creative Space-Saving Ideas. Pushing kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling maximizes storage space, though this does tend to create an imposing presence. If storage isn’t all that important to you, then pull the cabinets down six inches to give you more breathing room. Use lazy-susans and roll-out shelves to better utilize that often-wasted space at the back of cabinets.

green themed galley kitchen ideaGreen Themed  Galley Kitchen Idea

  • Consider Blocking Off a Window. This is one of the more painful decisions to make. Does the window give you ample light and air? If not—and if you really need cabinets—you can install a drywall “plug” over the window, and then run the cabinets right across.
  • Use Light and Neutral Shades. Lighter tones will make your galley kitchen feel much larger. You can use brighter shades for nearly everything in your galley kitchen: counters, cabinets, flooring, wall paint, and even appliances.

modern style galley kitchen designModern Style Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchen design ideas are, by nature, small. So, you have the cost-saving benefits of size. Also, galley kitchens are ergonomically superior to other kitchen design layouts.