Eleven Trends Of Newest Kitchen Designs

Planning a kitchen remodel? Then consider updating your space with lighter floors, grey cabinets, one-of-a-kind chairs and cozy eat-in nooks. Discover eleven top trends of newest kitchen designs in cabinets, counters, faucets, flooring and more.

Elegant Kitchen DesignElegant Kitchen Design

Bleached Ash Floors Or Cabinets – In lieu of dark tones, lighter, grey-toned woods in a matte finish add a note of rustic elegance or a European farmhouse feel. Reclaimed and bleached ash floors, for example, add character with lovely weathered imperfections. Mixing ash drawers with paneled white cabinets also turns a predictable look into one that’s more interesting and unusual. CityLine designer Ramsin Khachi agrees that mixing rustic and raw materials with more polished elements is a hot trend.

Gooseneck Faucets – Even in a traditional kitchen, these offer a sleek, modern touch. Gooseneck faucets also have more clearance, so you can easily fill pots. Many come with a spray hose nozzle, further enhancing their functionality.

Minimalist Style of Newest Kitchen DesignMinimalist Style of Newest Kitchen Design

Statement Chairs – Put the cookie-cutter wooden chairs into storage. Whether mod Lucite or leather arm chairs, unique chairs create a bespoke vibe in today’s newest kitchen designs.

Dramatic, Oversized Vent Hoods – For efficient exhaust, look for a hood that’s a little larger than the cooktop. (Exhaust hoods remove heat, moisture, grease, cooking odors and combustion gases from the air.) The larger size also results in a bigger style statement, whether in dramatic stainless steel, copper or painted out.

Newest Kitchen DesignsNewest Kitchen Designs

Grey Cabinets – Grey is one of the trendiest neutrals today. Grey cabinets can work with white for a clean, modern look, or contrast with dark maple trim for a tailored-glamour effect.

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Raw And Honed Stone – Honed granite and marble offer a polished look that contrasts beautifully against rougher textures, such as brick or raw-stone walls. Injecting stainless steel appliances and laboratory-style fixtures and stools into this mix results in a warm, clean and contemporary industrial country look.

Horizontal Shelving – Foregoing upper cabinets in favour of modern, horizontal shelving creates an airy space with lots of breathing room. Plus, open shelving offers easy access to dishes. To continue this European-modern look, echo the shelving’s strong horizontal lines with banks of drawers underneath.

Round Kitchen Newest DesignRound Kitchen Newest Design

Aged-Look Hardware – The freshest look in kitchen drawer pulls and cabinet knobs is dated. Many new models come in rustic pewter or antique nickel finishes, which can work beautifully in older homes.

Extra-Long Tables – In keeping with the trendy, European rustic look, kitchen tables are becoming larger and more roughhewn. Some designer homes even feature 14-foot harvest tables made from long planks, atop extra-wide wood plank floors. Install a dramatic wood, twig or antler chandelier for counterbalance.

Latest Kitchen DesignLatest Kitchen Design

 Herringbone Mosaic Tile Backsplashes – Tiles laid in a herringbone pattern add another layer of texture and sheen to the kitchen, whether you choose a single color or multiple tones. Again, this offers a very custom and sophisticated look.

Chic Dining Nooks – Transform a kitchen corner or cubby into a glam, restaurant-worthy dining area with an upholstered settee or bench. After all, upholstery adds softness in the kitchen dining area. A round and easy to clean, glass-topped table will keep the area from looking too heavy.

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The Newest Kitchen TrendsThe Newest Kitchen Trends

The current trend in newest kitchen designs is a move towards minimalism. Long straight bench tops with flat square doors. Gloss finishes, open shelves and horizontal lines are the current trends. Kitchens are looking more streamlined as appliances are hidden in cabinets, deep drawers or entire walls of tall cupboards.