Efficient Galley Style Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Ideas for Galley style kitchen remodeled will give light to you. For maximum efficiency when short on space, the layout is excellent. Two parallel counters make all points of the triangle of cooperation to be more accessible. Important things to keep in mind during your design are: aisle space, light, and storage.

Clean & Efficient

Clean & Efficient | Galley Style Kitchen Remodel IdeasEfficient kitchen in a narrow trail, with lots of built-in storage and counter space. Pass-through windows are not only open space adjacent to the dining room, but also provides a two-seater breakfast bar. Glass front cabinets with interior light that offers a visual focal point.

Concealed Clutter

Concealed Clutter | Galley Style Kitchen Remodel IdeasThis space is perfect for owners, empty nesters who rarely cook at a big party. Cabinet adjacent to the entrance is a table with the drum door that pulls down to hide the document. U-shaped design makes it easy to get around, and a standard mid-line stainless steel appliances give the room looks clean and attractive.

Cooking Considerations

Cooking Considerations Galley Style Kitchen Remodel IdeasU-shaped layout of the kitchen offers an efficient work triangle for the owner and some with a penchant for cooking. Wine drawer on top of the window using the space that is often overlooked. As one side opening into the adjacent living room, painted antique white cabinets, dark green granite countertops, wood floors and original oak helping stainless steel appliances into the house.

Down the Aisle

Down the Aisle Galley Style Kitchen Remodel IdeasTo minimize problems with congestion when many people gather or bases, cabinets and appliances are open, the alley shall be measured at least 4 to 6 feet wide, with sink and refrigerator on one wall and on the opposite range. Here there is plenty of room to move, and the peninsula from the end of the U-shaped layout to create food in space.

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Down the Line

Down the Line Galley Style Kitchen Remodel IdeasThe range of professionals in this kitchen design to act as a focal point. This configuration offers plenty of counter space, and plenty of space for the cabinets. A pass-through that does not appear to function as a breakfast bar and looks out onto an intimate corner of the bench for a family dinner.

Looks & Brains

Looks & BrainsIn the kitchen, storage solutions offered style and practicality. Instead of the cabinet, rack puts spices and dishware on display, helping to maintain the efficiency of the layout and feel of the area. Narrow mesh basket next to the slide-out ranges make the most of storage space and offers a compact translucent.

Rearranging Things

Rearranging Things Galley Style Kitchen Remodel IdeasUse every available space efficiently, without changing the basic layout. So, move to a corner sink faucets and microwave for long-range configuration changes just made ??to free up counter space for food preparation.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions Galley Style Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Save the new kitchen is really smart storage, an important asset for any small space. What looks like a regular wall panel cherry turned out to be a pull-out pantry. With 15-inch wide, floor to ceiling shelving allows for ample space and easy access while maintaining the look of the kitchen was still slim.

Even if your kitchen is small, you can still arrange a remodeled galley style ideas. By considering the above ideas, no need to create an attractive kitchen.