Creating Center Islands For Kitchen

modern and futuristic center islands for kitchenmodern and futuristic center islands for kitchen

Center islands for kitchen was found because “kitchen work triangle” inspiration. The concept of “kitchen work triangle” was created in 1950s. The concept includes the space between the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the concept misses one thing in the arrangement. It leaves out a space for food chopping, mixing, and other preparation. Starting from this, ideas of center islands for kitchen come up.

A Unique Place Called Center Islands for Kitchen

A center island is intended to be a preparation place while mother or the chef is cooking. It is called as Center Island, because the place is in the center of the kitchen, between   triangle concept and dining table as well as an island that is in the center of the ocean. Center island enables you to cook more easily, because you do not need to take much steps when preparing the food, then cooking it and serving it in the dining table.

contemporary center islands for kitchenscontemporary center islands for kitchens

The simplest kitchen island is not very different from a table. In the simpler form, center island is a place that can help you to get things done easily in your kitchen. Center island is very functional. Many islands have drawers and cupboards that increase your storage space and keep your kitchen arranged well. The islands can also hold the tools you need, such as mixing bowls, pots, and pans, right where you prepare the food.

By adding an island, you can improve the design of your kitchen. First thing you should consider before adding an island, you have to think of the things that you use most often in a kitchen. For example, if you always use spices, it is suggested to you to add an island with a built-in spice rack. You can also built-in knife rack and paper towel holders in an island. You do not need to fulfill your counter space with the things that could be part of your island.

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charming country center islands for kitchencharming country center islands for kitchen

large country style center island kitchenlarge country style center island kitchen

Classic Center Island KitchenClassic Center Island Kitchen

Another option to create your center island in your kitchen is adding center island with breakfast bar. It is usually made from Asian rubber wood. For your information, this hardwood is eco friendly wood, which is naturally resistant to warping and cracking. The kitchen island itself is finished in natural lacquer. It is known for its durability and a slight luster. It includes an extra 12-inches of depth with the space saving of foldaway breakfast bar. This type of center island enables you not only a workspace, but also a great place for dining. You also can find four central drawers operate on metal glides. The drawers provide space for many utensils, flatware, and small appliances. This center island looks so neat because of an adjustable shelf that is hidden behind each of the two large cabinets. The cabinet feature panel doors with strong magnetic closures. A handy spice rack and a paper towel holder mounted on the side of the island for a comfort use. It is completed also with heavy-duty rubber wheels, which is easy to move. The two locking casters keep it sturdy.

Center islands for kitchen are like wonderful islands for taking a rest in the middle of the ocean. You can find a lot of function from the islands, but you do not lose the aesthetics value for your kitchen.