Country Style Kitchen Design

Country style kitchen design can be a thing of beauty while having a rustic, welcoming appeal. Country kitchens are not just for the farmhouse in the middle of the countryside or the cabin on the edge of the woods. An attractive country kitchen can be achieved easily in any region. Adding a vintage, weathered appearance to the kitchen gives the impression of love and wear, which is essential in a country kitchen design. A notion of simplicity allows the structure and decor of the country kitchen to speak for itself.

Elements of Country Style Kitchen Design

Country Kitchen Design IdeasCountry Kitchen Design Ideas

Country Kitchen Appliances and Equipment – In the country kitchen, the appliances are embedded in the design of the room. They are not the focal point. Barn wood paneling or paneling that matches the cabinets can be used to cover the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave for a seamless blend. Another option for the microwave is to place it inside an open cabinet. If working antique faucets can’t be found, reproductions are another option. High arch faucets perching over salvaged, deep farm or apron sinks stand out against aged wooden cabinets.

Country Kitchen DesignCountry Kitchen Design

Understated countertops made of soapstone, butcher block or granite anchor the country kitchen. Choosing the perfect countertop to match the color scheme of the room is important. Avoid choosing a countertop that dominates the room. If the kitchen has a separate pantry, having a distinct entryway can dress up the utilitarian room. The same paneling covering the appliances can be used to mark the pantry’s entrance. Another option is to use antique wooden screen doors to add character to the entrance. In a more sophisticated country kitchen, stove hoods can also be incorporated as part of the design.

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English Country KitchenEnglish Country Kitchen

Kitchen Accessories – Rustic accessories are key to a country style kitchen design, and the entire room may be crafted around them. Anything used or vintage is the first step to building a cozy design. In a more pastoral kitchen, furniture constructed of wooden logs or twigs is one way to bring the outdoors in. If you are trying to create a more upscale country kitchen, a distressed wooden table and chair set is the way to go. There is no need to repaint or buff out scratches to achieve the look you want; worn paint, scratches and tattered edges fit into the country kitchen perfectly.

French Country KitchenFrench Country Kitchen

A collection of canning jars or metal watering cans add charm to countertops or cabinet shelves. A vintage plate collection can also be displayed in open cabinets. Cake plates in varying heights make for appealing island centerpieces. Workspaces with chalkboard walls or bulletin boards come in handy for to-do lists, schedules or grocery lists. Since cooking is a staple of the country kitchen, a cookbook stand is not only a practical way to keep your cookbook nearby, but also a tasteful way to share your favorite recipes. Mismatched hardware on cabinets and drawers is an intentional way to make a comfortable, casual home environment.

Simple Country Kitchen DesignSimple Country Kitchen Design

If you can’t let go of the traditional country roosters or cows, find a way to incorporate them into your design. Farm animals can be part of the kitchen’s foundation as tiles in the backsplash or part of a less permanent decor in display plates or trays. Wall hooks, pictures or rugs are other options for farm animal decor. Unless you are going for the kitschy look, avoid overdoing the farm animals.

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 Country Kitchen Colors – Soft cream, yellow, or gold make especially good country kitchen color backdrops. Bolder blues, barn reds or deep browns also make fabulous color options. Weathered whites may be used as well. Shades of orange and green act as bold accents around the room. Use your accessory collection to determine the best color choices for your kitchen. The paint should work with the accessories to create a cohesive look. Flooring is another way to bring some color into the room. If opting for natural wood paneling, having wood flooring may be too much. Linoleum or stone tiles can add a touch of color. Again, be sure that the floor’s color scheme complements the wall and accessory color scheme. The typical black-and-white checkerboard floor pattern can be revamped with white and denim blue or white and barn red.

White Country Kitchen DesignWhite Country Kitchen Design

Things tend to move slower in the countryside. Don’t overwhelm your family or guests by crowding the country kitchen with knickknacks. Simple rustic elegance that welcomes an easy flow of family through the room is the key to the country style kitchen design.