Compact Kitchen Decor Tips And Ideas

Compact kitchen decor may be so fun or confusing. It can be fun since we only need a few time to decorate, but it can be so confusing since it is too narrow to place everything inside. There are three main factors in the kitchen: the oven, refrigerator and the kitchen sink. If we placed these three things in the perfect area, than we can make proper space and preparing food and other things will be much simpler.

Compact Design for KitchenCompact Design for Kitchen

Below are great tips and ideas of designing and arranging compact kitchen decor.

Built-in facilities are good option for compact kitchen since it will give to us some free space within our kitchen area for example built in ovens and other kitchen appliances. Using these methods we can get more room and the kitchen interior design will look less disorganized.

For clean look, we are able to use the same built-in storage for meals like potatoes, onions and bread etc. which will also provide the kitchen with the clean and appealing interior design. We could use mixer and toasters in slipping shelves, employing this system these accessories will stay hidden and also will be painless to have.

Compact Kitchen LayoutCompact Kitchen Layout

Don’t be tempted to stow away pots, ornaments or the boxes of small appliances on top of kitchen cupboards. It only draws more attention to the lack of space and looks untidy.  Floor-to-ceiling units can make a small room appear larger. If you can’t reach the top cupboards, invest in a small ladder that you can store in the broom cupboard. Turn the small space at the base of your cupboards into a drawer in which you can store flat items such as trays.  Use a corner sink unit or one sink with a drying rack; many modern sinks come with a cutting board top – a new innovation that helps to save work surface space.

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Inspirative Airy Compact KitchenInspirative Airy Compact Kitchen

If you can, make your units deeper than normal to allow for more storage.  It’s a good idea to create a hidden sliding panel in the space between your splash back, worktop and top kitchen cupboard – even if it’s only 10cm wide, it can house your spices, tins or glassware. Hang mugs on hooks on a holder or under a shelf; you can also hang wine glasses or bottles on specially-made bar shelves. Hang kitchen utensils on the wall closest to the stove.  One of the most useful storage items in a kitchen is deep drawers for pots, pans and large containers. 1Be clever about how you pack items: put small pots in bigger pots, for example.

White Compact KitchenWhite Compact Kitchen

Wire basket increase the effectiveness for the compact kitchen decor, as keeping a wire basket inside a cabinet or underneath the sink to keep trash bags, we are able to also replace heater at the sink with the sprayer or soap. Making use of large tiles can help the small kitchen show up larger and will enhance the look and feel of your interior design. Using natural and synthetic lighting will get impression of a larger kitchen than it’s the truth.