Colors For Rustic Italian Kitchen

The color scheme plays a huge role in deciding the rustic kitchen design. Red and shades of orange are actually the signature colors for rustic Italian kitchen ideas. Orange color is said to be appetite stimulant and comfort maker color. Hardwood flooring and wood flooring, copper and metallic color that is well coordinated with that Mediterranean feel is the perfect plan set. Wall painting must be done by keeping the depth and feel of the rustic kitchen, try orange, red and several shades of gold, olive greens and darkest shades of Tuscan style furniture is the best.

A Very Rustic Italian KitchenA Very Rustic Italian Kitchen

Try cobalt blue, burnt orange, tomato red, olive green and sunflower yellow. Being bold and experimental is the key when adapting the design. Go for stucco walls, Venetian plasters, and rough looking walls so that you will feel rustic, the moment you enter the kitchen. Try iron wall decorating techniques, like iron wall grills, iron cabinet, to be the focal point of the kitchen.

The Other Ideas of Colors for Rustic Italian Kitchen

Pastels – The main colors in Italian decorating are muted pastels. Avoid colors that do not reflect the countryside. The main colors are the gold of pears and wheat, the muted greens of olive, the red of the stones and the turquoise of the lakes. These muted colors should always appear “mellowed” in the sense that they should never overshadow the simple furnishings so central to Italian designs.

Great Rustic Italian Kitchen DesignGreat Rustic Italian Kitchen Design

Faded Tones – The basic color scheme used should present a weathered look, which is another necessary concept to the rustic Central Italian and even Sicilian decorating scheme. When using the basic four: gold, green, red and blue, ensure that you apply these in such a way that they reflect a multi-generational idea, the old agrarian land-holding idea of many generations inheriting the same house. This would suggest a faded, muted color pattern that reflects the age of the house and the ancient heritage of the Italian agrarian life. When going for the rustic look, make certain the jugs, bowls and other accessories are in brighter colors to contrast with the house or room as a whole. Use a muted tan for the plaster of the wall that tries to put forth the idea of age and wear.

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Italian Rustic Kitchen IdeasItalian Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Wooden Rustic Kitchen StyleWooden Rustic Kitchen Style

Seasonal Colors – Color schemes depend on the specific season for which you are decorating. Southern Italian and Sicilian patters should always remain white, yellow or light orange, which goes well with the omnipresent terracotta building and roofing materials so common in Italy. Northern Italian colors might reflect the German influence in that region or might reflect the colder winters and use darker oranges and reds.

Modern Rustic Italian KitchenModern Rustic Italian Kitchen

Wood and Stone – Wood tones are everywhere in Italy. These are usually darker, warmer tones that are used as floors and shelves. Floors are either wood or stone, and these colors change depending on the region: lighter in the South, darker in the North. The faded reddish terracotta should set the stage for most Italian decorating, leading to considerations of lighter colors, creams and gold as accents. But again, this depends on the region and specific style. The dominant “background” color is a muted yellow that goes with the countryside and the terracotta roofs. Use this reddish-yellow combination to begin experimenting with other colors.

Rustic Italian Country KitchenRustic Italian Country Kitchen

It’s concluded that colors for rustic Italian kitchen are contrast bright colors to muted earth tones for the agrarian, rustic look so important to Central Italian designs.