Building A Modern Kitchen Style

If you want to design and remodel your cooking area in a clean and modern kitchen style, you really need this list of suggested materials and techniques you might choose to make your next kitchen remodel look thoroughly modern.

Modern Kitchen With Black and White Oak DesignModern Kitchen With Black and White Oak Design

Elements of Modern Kitchen Style

Sleek, Unembellished Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen cabinets can visually occupy up to 75% of the room.  Get the cabinets right, and you can consider your modern kitchen design a slam-dunk.  Modern kitchen cabinet manufacturers include Snaidero, IKEA, and Aran.  Eschew embellishments.  Modern kitchen cabinets tend to be flat, smooth, and uncomplicated.  Tones can be on the lighter side, such as the light oak shown here, or stark blacks and grays.

Free-Standing (Island-Mount) Range Hood – It’s unthinkable to remodel a kitchen and call it “modern,” without including one of these free-standing range hoods.  They’re called “island-mount” range hoods, and they can be mounted over an island’s cooktop or against the wall.  Favored material?  Stainless steel, of course.  If you really want to go fancy (and pay mid four-figures), you can even get a motorized island-mount hood, like the Miele DA5000D, which raises and lowers at the mere touch of a button.

Modern Kitchen with Practical IslandModern Kitchen with Practical Island

Clean Cabinet Fixtures or None at All- For any modern kitchen, cabinet fixtures are minimized.  Sleek and straight are the order of the day.  Fixture-free cabinets are possible, too, and in many cases are highly desired.  But consider usability.  Does your desire for aesthetics outweigh your need to easily grasp and open cabinet doors?

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Glass Cabinet Fronts – It’s simple to order clear or translucent glass for your cabinet doors instead of solid.  Doing so allows you to add in-cabinet lighting for even more dramatic effect.

Modern Kitchen with Wooden FlooringModern Kitchen with Wooden Flooring

Glass Tile Backsplashes – One added benefit of installing glass tile backsplashes:  eco-friendliness.  Glass tile backsplashes are a tad bit more difficult and expensive to install for the do-it-yourselfer, but with their range of colors and luminosity, they look fantastic.

Pendant Lighting – Pendant lighting is guaranteed to give your kitchen a cool, contemporary look.  Swap out existing 1980s-style can lights for lower-hanging pendant lights that better-illuminate your work surface.

Modern Studio KitchenModern Studio Kitchen

High-End, Exotic Countertop Materials – Why settle for laminate or solid surface counters when you can choose more durable and beautiful and pedigreed countertops?  Corian Quartz and Caesarstone are two types of engineered stone, granite-like materials.  Or the ever-popular slab granite.  But if you want to go truly exotic, try concrete, paper, stainless steel, or even zinc.

Appliances, Appliances – This may go without saying, but say we must.  Any modern kitchen worthy of the title has an obsessive, almost OCD, fixation on high-quality, high-ticket appliances, often from little-known manufacturers.

Red Small Modern KitchenRed Small Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Islands – The kitchen island is the mainstay of every modern kitchen style.  If you have floor space in your kitchen for an island, it’s highly recommended.  Why?  Even if islands are not your thing, research shows that home buyers expect their kitchens to have islands.  So your kitchen will be at a disadvantage at the time of sale if it does not have a kitchen island.  Go figure.

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Cabinet-Depth Refrigerators – Another way to make your modern kitchen design even smoother, sleeker, and free of bothersome obstacles:  embed your refrigerator.  Cabinet-depth fridges are especially pared-down to meet the edge of your cabinets at two feet and twenty-seven inches.

Monochromatic Kitchen Colors – The names of these pictured paint colors from Sherwin Williams just about sum it up:  Austere Gray and Super White.  Black, as well as grays and whites of all shades, rule in the monochromatic kitchen paint scheme.

White Modern Eclectic KitchenWhite Modern Eclectic Kitchen

Modern kitchen style is more keen on aesthetics these days than they are on practicality. But perhaps the clean line simplicity of this style calls for hidden contraptions regarding all things functional.