Art Deco Kitchen Designs: A Retro Style Of Your Kitchen

Art deco kitchen design is inspired from 1920s and 1930s style designs. Art deco is a design that features sharp angles and geometrically precise lines, completed with bold colors and playful touches. Art deco blends the smooth lines of traditional architecture with the modern and sleek curvature of decorative elements to create a magical kitchen design. The fun part about an art deco kitchen is the fact that you can mix and match textures, mediums, and fabrics in a way that is completely designer friendly.

One of Art Deco’s basic elements is the use of geometry designs. Straight lines, bright colors are also the elements to create art deco designs. What you should do is mixing and matching the elements to get the real Art Deco kitchen.

How to Create Art Deco Kitchen Designs?

Below are some tips to create art deco designs that will beautify your kitchen totally.

Art Deco Kitchen Interior DesignArt Deco Kitchen Interior Design

First thing you can do is mix and match furniture. A simple kitchen table and chair combination can be the perfect way to mix and match the design elements of the art deco period. For example, you can put a small wooden table in the kitchen and add two silvery metallic chairs to finish off the look. Normally, a wooden table would demand wooden chairs, but not so with the art deco design. Two metallic chairs, either painted to look so or made from chrome or wrought iron, can be the perfect addition to a simple wooden table. This mixing and matching of textures and mediums allows your kitchen area to appeal to the classical side while still adding a modern whimsical art deco element.

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custom made modern kitchen design in art deco stylecustom made modern kitchen design in art deco style

soft pink art deco kitchen designsoft pink art deco kitchen design

The second thing you do you  have to use colorful retro style fabrics. Art deco is about large simple patterns and retro appeal, so be creative with diamond patterned curtains and a red retro tablecloth. In addition, these colorful fabrics can be used to create texture to the room by framing a piece of decorative fabric and hanging it on the wall. Retro-style fabrics can add a designer touch to your art deco kitchen.

classic art deco kitchenclassic art deco kitchen

art deco modern kitchenart deco modern kitchen

Choose metallic appliances and hardware is the third thing you can do. An art deco kitchen requires the use of metallic appliances and hardware. With the popularity of brushed nickel over the past few years, metallic appliances and hardware will not be difficult to find. In fact, the metallic finishes on many modern kitchen appliances is a sign that the art deco decorative design element is alive and well. As you choose metallic appliances and hardware for your art deco kitchen, look for furnishings that have a retro design. For example, a blender with a curved metallic base or a toaster with large silver handles will help encourage the art deco appeal. Art deco design for the kitchen is a popular and high-demand decorating motif. When classical decorative elements combine with modern curvature, a mix of mediums, and retro fabrics, the end result can be groovy.

Art Deco Inspired Kitchen BacksplashArt Deco Inspired Kitchen Backsplash

Another popular design element in the Art Deco canon is poster art. The advertising world utilized Art Deco elements very liberally, with lush advertisements for everything from cruise lines to fine wines. Acquiring one of these pieces of advertising art, framing it, and placing it in your kitchen will create an immense amount of design inspiration, and can even set off the rest of the kitchen. All in all, don’t be afraid of playing with angles and bold colors in your kitchen design.

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Art deco kitchen design is a perfect interior design choice for many homeowners.