Antique Kitchen Designs 2018

The new year has arrived, and with it comes a wave of exciting, new home trends for 2018. While the march in recent years has clearly moved toward kitchen designs with smooth lines and a simple sophistication, we’re predicting a new, more collaborative twist this year. After all, putting your own decorative spin adds a personal, one-of-a-kind dimension to any kitchen design. The result? A cooking space that’s a melting pot of creativity, giving birth to fresh interpretations for modern, country, traditional, professional and other familiar styles. For you who love antique design, you also can create antique kitchen designs 2018 with modern touch.

Antique Kitchen Designs 2018: Some Ideas

First Idea: Kitchen character

Kitchen CharacterKitchen Character

When Vicki Simon first saw the tiny laminate-clad kitchen of her future home, it inspired grander visions. The stand-alone furniture, the big pot rack are grand ideas for antique kitchen designs 2018. It is also beautiful but as functional as a commercial kitchen.

Second Idea: Restore and re-create

Restore and RecreateRestore and Recreate

To expand the original kitchen (pictured) from 125 square feet to 225 square feet, Simon knocked out a wall and adopted the space of a covered porch. She then took the porch’s drop ceiling back to the original rafters and added tongue-and-groove pine siding for a vintage look.

Third Idea: Champion the old

Champion the OldChampion the Old

Some contractors were “afraid of the amount of work it would take” to rehabilitate the original Douglas fir floorboards covered by layers of linoleum, says Simon. Eventually, she found two carpenters who were up for it. She had them leave the original pockmarks in the floor for character.

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Fourth Idea: Skip the built-ins

Skip the Built insSkip the Built ins

With her heart set on “a furniture kitchen,” Simon shopped flea markets and Craigslist for pieces that could work in lieu of standard-issue cabinets and counters.

Fifth Idea: Make big reveals

Make Big RevealsMake Big Reveals

Don’t try to hide things in the kitchen. Open shelving holds things are perfect to use use every day—dishes, dry goods that we store in apothecary jars, plates;  a design strategy that keeps useful items accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Sixth Idea: Go above and beyond

Go Above and BeyondGo Above and Beyond

To create the exact lighting she wanted, Simon mixed shades by Schoolhouse Electric with salvaged fixtures from the ReBuilding Center in Portland.

Seventh Idea: Reflect Personal History

Reflect Personal HistoryReflect Personal History

In the breakfast nook, Simon combined a bistro table, Balinese chairs bought on her honeymoon, and a painting by her mother.  The other thing to bring antiqueness in your modern home is by having things that carry a story.

Eighth Idea: Think outside the box

Think Outside the BoxThink Outside the Box

You can creatively mix modern appliances with vintage treasures. For example you can found a desk at an antiques show, topped it with salvaged jasper stone, and put a Wolf range on top.

Having an antique kitchen does not mean we cannot bring modern side inside. From those ideas of antique kitchen designs 2018, you can see how combine between modern and vintage as well.