All About European Kitchen Design

European kitchen design reflects the lifestyle, tastes and personality of the people in each country’s region. European design for kitchen is a bit eclectic, mixing cabinetry styles and decor. This beauty is a nice mixture of French Country and American traditional styles.

Europe Kitchen DesignEurope Kitchen Design

Traditional European-inspired kitchens reflect warm colors, functional furniture and accessories inspired by nature. Earthy stone, slate or wood floors enhance the traditional European ambiance. Contrasting the traditional kitchen is the modern European kitchen design. Sleek lines, sharp angles, stainless steel and minimal accessories are common elements of the contemporary European kitchen.

Trends of European Kitchen Design

Frosted Glass Cabinets – Frosted glass cabinets create the illusion of transparency. They are clear enough for you to get an idea of what lies behind their doors without clearly revealing the contents. These cabinets allow a harmonious balance between privacy and transparency. With the doors shut, the cabinets’ frosted appearance gives the kitchen a sleek, finished look.

Curved Kitchen Islands – The design company Pedini Italian Kitchens was the first to create the the concept of modular kitchen counter-tops, including those which are curved or in a semicircle, a trend now popular throughout Europe. The kitchen island wraps around you as you work–all you have to do to reach what you need is turn. The kitchen is characterized by soft curves instead of sharp right angles.

European Design for KitchenEuropean Design for Kitchen

Dark Colors – Dark colors currently prevail as a trend in European kitchens, taking the form of highly polished dark and medium silvery gray oak and walnut. These make for a striking effect when paired with other common elements of European kitchens today: stainless steel or off-white solid counters. A common trend is to use a dark wood with silver or cream counter-tops and then add splashes of color, such as a red kitchen clock, red dish towels, or other accessories.

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Decor of European Kitchen Design

Rustic – Warm and inviting describes the ambiance of the rustic European kitchen. Heavily textured walls in shades of orange, yellow and gold reflect the warmth and charm of an old-world kitchen. Tables, cabinets, hutches and sideboards are fashioned from rustic woods, iron or hardwoods — the older and more worn the better. Rustic European furniture pieces are often accented with tile, iron, copper or stone. Accessorize with lanterns, iron candlesticks, earthenware, old copper pots and potted greenery.

Contemporary – Contrasting the traditional European kitchen is its contemporary counterpart. Shiny stainless steel appliances, hardware and counter tops are common components of the modern European kitchen. Simple, modern lines and lack of embellishment describe contemporary kitchen cabinetry. Painted in simple clean white or a solid bright color, such as sunny yellow, lime green or lipstick red, kitchen cabinets are functional and attractive. Glossy black, white or brown kitchen tables and chairs complement the contemporary decor.

Luxury European Kitchen StyleLuxury European Kitchen Style

French Country – French country kitchens conjure up images of simple living and delectable food. Light and airy window treatments and weathered, distressed wooden furniture complement the French country decor. Hand-painted furniture pieces displaying motifs of fruit, medallions, scrolls or florals exhibit the artistic talent common to French country furniture. Hang copper pans from a pot rack and display bottles of olive oil, spices, vinegars and herbs on a shelf or counter. Potted flowers and greenery add life to the French country kitchen.

Tuscan – Tuscan kitchens reflect elements found in nature. Faux finish walls in light golds or yellows, giving the appearance of an aged Tuscan villa. Wrought-iron light fixtures, wall sconces and chandeliers enhance the Tuscan decor. Simple, sturdy tables, chairs and other kitchen furniture in dark, distressed wood complement the Tuscan kitchen. Wood, slate or terracotta floors add the warmth of a natural element. Brightly colored terracotta pottery, simple earthenware, glowing candles and potted greenery and herbs accessorize the Tuscan kitchen.

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Old World Europe Kitchen DesignOld World Europe Kitchen Design

European kitchen design focuses on building a space as the gathering place in the home where meals are prepared over friendly conversation.