Types Of Countertops For Kitchen

Types of Countertops for Kitchen – Choosing the right countertops for your kitchen is not an easy job. You need to consider it well on what countertop suit to your need and kitchen design. Since a type of countertype for someone might be not the choice countertops for anyone else, there are so many types of countertops for kitchen that you can pick the best one according to your opinion.

12 Types of Countertops for Kitchen

There are 12 types of countertops for kitchen that are originated from any kind of material like stone, wood, bamboo and metal. They are butcher block (wood), concrete, ceramic tile, laminates, natural stone (granite and marble), quartz , solid surface, stainless steel, bamboo, composite and recycled materials, lavastone and glass.

The first type is butcher block or wooden countertops. This countertop is usually made from hardwood like red oak, maple, teak. The positive thing from butcher block is easily installed and repaired if there is scratch or stain by resealing and sanding it. Other beneficences of butcher block countertop are the beautiful and aesthetic appealing, the earth-friendly material, and heat-tolerant. However, the disadvantage of butcher block is easy-being humid and burned.

Butcher Block Or Wooden Countertops For Kitchen IslandsButcher Block Or Wooden Countertops For Kitchen Islands

Concrete kitchen countertop is made from cement that can be shaped to be any style. Concrete is easily cut and chipped, so it must be sealed to resist stain. The negative side of concrete is no heat-tolerant, so heavy and expensive.

Ceasarstone Concrete Kitchen CountertopCeasarstone Concrete Kitchen Countertop

Ceramic tile kitchen countertop. Countertop made from ceramic tile is provided in many colors, patterns, styles. Ceramic tile countertop is resistant to stain, scratch, and burn. It is also durable and reasonable price among other materials.

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Ceramic Tile Kitchen CountertopCeramic Tile Kitchen Countertop

Laminate kitchen countertop is good choice for its affordable, its color and pattern availability, it is lightweight and easy maintenance. On the other hand, it is lack of resistant to heat, scratch and chip, and also costs a lot for treatment.

Laminate Kitchen Countertop For Modern KitchenLaminate Kitchen Countertop For Modern Kitchen

Natural stone kitchen countertop. Countertop that is made from natural stone usually uses granite or marble. Those natural stones resist of scratch, nick and hot, but still it is necessary to seal them with protective sealer to avoid stain through its pore. Its appearance is also attractive and natural. Granite is tougher material than marble. Marble is more easily stained and etched from the acid of cleaners and foods.

Natural Stone Granite Kitchen CountertopsNatural Stone Granite Kitchen Countertops

Quartz or engineered stone kitchen countertop has similar looking to granite or other natural stones. It is made of a combination of stone cut, resin and pigment. It is non-porous and resistant to stain, heat and abrasion so that sealing is unnecessary. The high price of quartz countertop will lessen your eager to have it as your kitchen countertop.

Quartz CountertopsQuartz Countertops

Mixing material kitchen countertop. The mixing of polyester, acrylic resins and mineral fillers create solid surface material as kitchen countertop. Solid surface material is also available in rich patterns and colors. Its seam is not visible which is allowing sink integrated to countertop, or designing large countertop. Unfortunately, it is easier to scratch and not heat-resistant. It is also more expensive than other material.

Mixing Material Kitchen CountertopMixing Material Kitchen Countertop

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Stainless steel kitchen countertops. Stainless steel is chosen for its stain and heat-resistant, non-porous material, modern-look appearance and easy cleaning. But, it is tend to dent, scratch, and fingerprints-left easily. It is also including to high price type of countertops for kitchen.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop For Luxury KitchenStainless Steel Kitchen Countertop For Luxury Kitchen

Bamboo kitchen countertop. Bamboo, a very sustainable material, is really suited for countertop. It has unique look and renewable to sand out scratches. It is also long lasting.  Sadly, it has no other color and styles beside bamboo pattern, and it is not much available in anywhere.

Bamboo Kitchen CountertopBamboo Kitchen Countertop

Composite and recycled kitchen countertop. Composite and recycled materials are combination of recycled paper with resins, or crushed glass and porcelain with resins. These materials have ‘green’ or eco-friendly quality which proposes a warm surface. But, the color of composite and recycled materials is easily changing.

Richlite Composite And Recycled Kitchen Countertop

Lava stone kitchen countertop. The next type of countertop is lavastone which forms of crusting volcanic lava and become a stone-similar consistency.  The lavastone has hard enamel functions as sealing, so it is scratch, heat and stain resistant. The surface of lavastone also offers a different look from other countertop’s material surface. Its expensiveness is not good point for consideration.

Glazed Lava Stone Kitchen CountertopGlazed Lava Stone Kitchen Countertop

Glass kitchen countertop.  The last countertop’s type is glass. Glass countertop is heat and stain resistant that is also non-porous surface. It provides so many styles, colors and textures that can be made based on demand. It is hygienic and eco-friendly material when using recycled glass. The bad sides of glass countertop are its cost so high depends on the characteristic and style of the design, beside your fingerprint and water spots will look clearly on its surface. It is also not protected from cracks or fractures when something flopped down on it.

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Ocean Inpisartion Glass Kitchen CountertopsOcean Inpisartion Glass Kitchen Countertops

Those are the materials used as countertop of kitchen. You can choose one types of countertops for kitchen best suits to you.