The Amazing Futuristic Glass Countertop For Kitchen

Glass countertop for kitchen is endless. There’s always innovation, color and shape even interesting texture over time. And the following is a unique and exciting creations for the future of glass countertop.

Glass Countertop For Kitchen Types

Ocean Inspiration

Ocean Inspiration Countertop

Inspired by the waves of the sea, with light blue, dark blue, silvery white, making the countertop is perfect for your modern kitchen. So clear and artistic, this countertop is perfect chime will match you with stainless steel appliances and electric stoves are elegant.

Modern N Retro

Modern and Retro CountertopLittle brick color, with a dominance of dark blue and silver, kichen countertop makes the retro feel of a modern kitchen. Unique blend of ancient and modern times is the one.

Textured-Glass Counter

Textured Glass Countertop

If you are not interested in color – a striking color to your countertop, you can choose clear glass as an alternative. And to make clear glass is more eye-catching, you can choose a glass with texture. Clean and clear impression can be combined with any interior.

Artistic Kithen Countertop

Artistic Kithen Countertop Wood and glass countertop is a brilliant idea. Just mix them, no matter if the color of your cabinet is a natural woody. Guaranteed you will be charmed and widespread impression in your kitchen you’ll get.

Zig Zag

Zig Zag Countertop

As a clear glass countertop is very unusual. What about up-down motives? With the soothing colors such as blue, zig zag texture will make a wonderful glass countertop.

Snow White

Snow White Countertop

Snowy is the “weather” for today on your counter. The color is not only clear but also very white, glass countertop make this a major goal for every eye that sees. You can add the LED light to add a wow impression.

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Amazing Blue N Amazing Yellow

Amazing Blue And Amazing Yellow Countertop

Is it made  of glass? Yes of course. By making a special, hard to believe these are glass countertop. Look at the colors are very beautiful, natural look mixed. With a wooden cabinet, or modern appliances, glass countertop will be very fit and no one can take my eyes off them.

White Blue Ice

White Blue Ice Countertop

 White domination and a little blue on the edge, is perfect if you counter a dark cabinet, which contrasted with one another. The unique shape provides a balance in order to counter more stylish look.

Ripped Fruit

Ripped Fruit Countertop

Game motif and color mixing glass countertop is a part of this. Yellow and red colors reminiscent of ripe fruit. The shape adapts to the room occupied.

Custom Modern

Custom Modern CountertopThe interior designer glass counterop consider that such a trend in the future. Supported by the subtle wave pattern and the green color of cement, there will undoubtedly be a glass countertop may be your favorite in the future.

Beautiful Blue

Beautiful Blue Countertop

Glass countertop with attractive LED light is next. Actual model of the countertop is not so special, but with the look of the blue LED lights, glass countertop makes it difficult to resist.

Sluice Countertop

Sluice Countertop

Blue again? Yeah. But try to notice. The blue color is not the usual blue but as the water flow. So clear and flowing, it looks like real water and wrapped in glass.

Layer 66

Layer 66 Countertop

Usually the glass for countertop only be placed on the counter. But not with this one countertop. All sides of the counter is made of glass. So bright, so white, so amazing.

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Blue Island

Blue Island Countertop

There is a blue island in your kitchen. The island has been plastered on your counter. Extraordinary motive. You can choose this kinda countertop, kitchen, especially if you want something special. Just bring along your countertop.


Meteora Countertop

Beautiful colors, especially blue color. No wonder the so-called shooting stars. Dressed in black color combination makes this countertop inevitable.

Transparent Countertops Alabaster Masto Fiore

Transparent Countertops Alabaster Masto Fiore

If you want a different motif than other countertop, try this one.  Pieces of glass irregular potang provide a natural artistic impression. Coupled with LED light underneath to make it look cool countertop.

The future is going to continue growing, as well as glass for kitchen countertop. Whatever will come, choose a countertop that suits your taste and budget.