Sleek Silestone Counters : Kitchen In Red

Silestone has been known for its hard and resilient. Made of quartz with anti-bacterial protection, providing hygienic properties will not be found anywhere else on the market. It comes in many different shades of quartz, offers a number of decorative kitchen just for a project for a complete set of furniture. Now Silestone offers you beautifully sleek kitchen counter in red.

Beautifully Sleek Kitchen Counter

Blanco Zeus

blanco zeusJust wow for looking at wonderful kitchen. White shiny countertops, red wall, elegant faucets make this is one of your dreamy counter perhaps. Oh…don’t forget, those red simply stools, completing the matchy-cathy side of this counter. Not so much ornaments, make it more clean and natty.


kensho kitchenGray-red-white is perfect side. The white gives clean shade, gray looks natural, and red is warm and fire-on. Create a brilliant focal point. The counter such as inviting us to sit there and “hey let’s cheers” or “hey! d’you want more wine?”. Excellent.


rederos kitchen

You ask me having breakfast in there? No, I won’t say no. No one refuse it. Stunning red countertop, bowls and comfy stools in open space, make you speechless. Lovely and shiny, so sleek to have some soup. It draws the eye like a magnet.

Rosso Monza

rosso monza So simple, that would you get when you this one. If you are red-addicted, you can put this kitchen in your idea room. Pair the red things with white for elegance and cleaness, so it won’t be too flashy.

Verde Fun

verde funNice backsplash! Natural green and red can be allied. You don’t suppose it, do you? It’s a lively, energetic color that will create an inviting space. Interesting combination.Green gives cool thoughts, and other side red is completing it with its warm beauty. Maybe green has felt in love with red or red gave up on the red’s beauty. Whatever it is, this counter looks amazing.

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Red and white, gray or green, all color has been conquered in red. Even, silestone gives some side for its sleek kitchen counter forever to red. Love all the pops of red.