Ideas For Kitchen Counter Decorating

Kitchens tend to look more inviting when the counters aren’t cluttered, yet they look cold and sterile if the counters are completely void of any accessories. You can do these basic ideas for kitchen counter decorating; place a few decorative items on the counters that complement the colors, style and decorating theme in the kitchen without overtaking the counter space. A few well-placed items can add personality to the kitchen without taking away any of its function.

Gallery Ideas for Kitchen Counter Decorating

Flower for Kitchen Counter DecoratingFlower for Kitchen Counter Decorating

Plants or Flowers – Adding one or two small houseplants to your kitchen counters will brighten your kitchen. A series of small potted plants or spices can sit right behind your sink to create your own miniature spice garden. If you already have plants on top of the cabinets, use a single vase and bouquet of flowers on the counter instead. A decorative vase that complements the theme and colors in the kitchen can hold a fresh bouquet of roses, wildflowers or any flower blooming in your garden. Or, group a series of three bud vases together to each hold a single bloom. Silk flowers are acceptable if you don’t have access to fresh flowers.

Food and Practical Appliance in Kitchen CounterFood and Practical Appliance in Kitchen Counter

Practical Items – Practical items, such as small appliances that you use nearly every day, can add to the decor and homey feeling of your kitchen. If you don’t use the appliances often, or if they clash with your decor, consider storing them in a cabinet that’s easy to reach. For example, a bright red toaster might look great in a contemporary or country kitchen with a red color scheme, but not so much in a yellow and blue kitchen. Set up your coffee grinder, maker and essentials in one corner if you make coffee each day. Use a serving tray or lazy Susan to keep everything organized and avoid a cluttered, disorganized appearance. Other kitchen items that are practical and add to your decor could include a jar, cup or other decorative container next to the stove to hold all of your cooking utensils. Stack your cookbooks on the counter if you use them frequently, or simply like the way they look.

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Food and Plants in Kitchen CountertopFood and Plants in Kitchen Countertop

Food – Food items make sense in the kitchen and can be interesting kitchen counter decorating, as they’re practical and add color, texture and visual interest. A collapsible basket can hold different kinds of fruits, making it a colorful addition to your kitchen that encourages healthy snacks. Fill see-through containers with pasta, cereal or other colorful dried goods that you frequently use. Decorative containers in interesting colors or shapes can hold flour, sugar or other common ingredients. Display a few cookie jars that complement the theme and color palette in your kitchen. Sneak a few different kinds of snacks in the cookie jars, such as fruit bars, for healthy alternatives if you don’t want sugary snacks to be readily available.

Jar Lighting for Your Kitchen CounterJar Lighting for Your Kitchen Counter

Lights – A small table lamp can add extra lighting in the kitchen, even if it’s just a soft glow. Choose a lamp that complements your kitchen decor. If you want lights under the cabinets to shine on your counter accessories, consider using stick-up lights or secure a small string of miniature lights to the underside of the cabinets. Candles give off a soft glow and come in a variety of shapes, colors and scents.

Kitchen Counter Decorating with Practical ApplianceKitchen Counter Decorating with Practical Appliance

Kitchen counter decorating creates a mood for the kitchen. The challenge lies in adding personal touches that make you smile while keeping plenty of open space for using the counters efficiently.