Hard Wooden Kitchen Countertops

Wood materials are widely used for various kinds of furniture, from chairs, cupboards and even door. Starting from the bedroom, livingroom to kitchen. In the kitchen, the wood commonly used for closet, cabinet or kitchen floor. But you know wood can be used for kitchen countertops? Which hard wood is best suited for your kitchen countertops?

Several Types Of Hard Wood for Kitchen Countertops


Wenge Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

Wenge is also known as African / Congolese rosewood is a tropical wood from Wenge tree (Millettia Laurentii) from Africa. Wenge logs are very dark and dense with coarse grains and granules are separated by black and dark brown seeds. Wenge wood is very distinctive and has a strong partridge pattern.

African Walnut

African Walnut Kitchen Countertops Material

African walnut has a rich dark brown color with dark stripes are irregular, and therefore also called Tiger African walnut wood. This wood is very hard, close grained, and waterproof. With oiled only, African walnut will become darker and lighter grains. Often, the designer chose this wood because dark colors are perfect and practical.

American Walnut

American Walnut Kitchen Countertops Material

American walnut or black walnut is valuable for its dark color. In addition, the wood is very heavy and also waterproof. American walnut countertops for kitchen supplied with a blonde color that has been sanded to 150 grit and ready to be oiled, cut and installed.

European Walnut

European Walnut Kitchen Countertops Material

Almost the same with American walnut, it’s just kind of wood is very classic with gray-brown with a more prominent color to dark brown or black stripes. European walnut is close grained, well water resistant, resistant to the load, the ability to carving a nice, works well with machine tools, nails, screws and glue. For these reasons, the European walnut wood becomes very expensive, most luxurious and sought after.

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Iroko Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

With a golden brown color to dark brown color is very rich, Iroko is a very hard wood and is also known as African teak, because the color is similar to teak. Iroko wood is resistant to water, have a good wood density and high oil content. In addition, the wood has antibacterial properties similar to teak but much more effective. Dark grains of the wood is very attractive.


Mahogany Kitchen Countertops Material

Mahogany wood is dark reddish brown with straight grain. This wood is very workable and durable. Wood was once very rare and have ever made into the famous classic furniture such as Chippendale.


Oak Kitchen Countertops Material

Oak wood for centuries has been known for its wood is very durable and waterproof. Oak believed to bring good combination of strength and beauty to match. Rest assured that the oak gives a good quality for your kitchen countertops, only with 150 grit sanded, flat edged, perfectly finished and ready to cut and fit.


Cherry Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

Cherry wood worktops have a reddish brown color in the heart of the wood and the color pink. Own cherry wood color is darker, fuller and more richer as time goes by. Cherry wood grain pattern is smooth and straight with the vortex patterns are odd but looks elegant. Type of this wood is durable and waterproof works well with hand and power tools.

Which one is the best for you? Wood that is water resistant, or maybe you choose high-end wood. No matter it is,  hard wooden for kitchen countertops is never out of dated.

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