Dark Wooden Floor And Cherry Cabinets, Best Color Granite With Them

Cherry wood is timeless and high-resistance, and has a beautiful color. That’s why many people choose cherry wood, are you one of them? But, in your mind, you’d love to combine cherry cabinets with granite valve and you have dark wooden kitchen floor? No problem. You’ve got many choice.

Red Granite

Cherry wood cabinets are a pronounced shade of red, like merlot or cayenne and dark wooden floor lead onto warmth to the space. So orange, black, gray and dark and light red flecks are an attractive complement. Your choice : African Red Granite, Calcite Orange, Carmen Red Granite, India Red Granite, Iron Red, Karelia Red Granite, Onida Orange Granite, Ruby Red Granite, etc.

Brown Granite

dark floor cherry cabinets with tan or brown granitedark floor cherry cabinets with tan or brown granite

When your cherry cabinets are a light shade like coconut or honey, black accents in brown granite countertops are perfect match. Imprint ‘humble’ and warm. Your choice : Abstrato Brown, Angora Brown Granite, Baltic Brown Granite, Kodiak Brown Granite, Santa Fe Brown Granite, Sucuri Brown Granite, Tan Brown Granite, Tropical brown granite, etc.

Gray Granite

dark floor cherry cabinets with dark gray granitedark floor cherry cabinets with dark gray granite

Gray or brown is good, especially if you cherry-wood cabinets are a warm yellow or orange color. Espresso color and gray add elegance and intense colors contrasting with the cabinet if the color brown or near-white.

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Your choice : Dark Grey Granite, Light Grey Granite, Nero Impala Granite, Steel grey Granite, Suomi Grey granite, etc.

Yellow Granite

Nuances of exotic, sunny kitchen with granite and yellow seems to increase metabolism and is associated with food. Such as tiger skin and gray swrils can work in tune with charcoal gray on black pepper wood floors as well.

Your choice : Bamboo Yellow Granite, Ivory Gold Granite, Kashmir Gold Granite, Madura Gold granite, Madurai Yellow Granite, Namibia Gold Granite, Padang Gelb Granite, etc.

Green Granite

Red granite make-warm shade, while cool is given by green. If your cabinet is red like cordovan will be harmonious when juxtaposed with a green granite. The black spots and gray in the marble will complement the dark wood floor, especially if the floor is colored black olives featuring tinges of gray.

Your choice : Butterfly Green Granite, Forest Green Granite, Green Granite, Seaweed Green Granite, Tropical Green Granite, etc.