Another Types Of Hard Wooden Kitchen Countertops

Hard wood has become popular material for kitchen countertops. You may choose wenge, african walnut, american walnut or cherry as material for your kitchen countertops. Now we’ll give you another choice of hard wood as material for your kitchen countertop.


Bamboo Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

Bamboo is a fast growing plant and can be harvested within a period of 5 to 6 years. Patterns of the natural surface, with the edge detail and layered plywood and attractive colors, bamboo can add to the visual impression of a warm and natural for your kitchen. Bamboo is resistant to moisture and long lasting. If you love the beauty and love the environment, bamboo is the right choice.

Rustic Beech

Rustic Beech Kitchen Countertops Material

If you like a rustic, rustic beech wood is suitable for you. With fine grain pattern, creating an atmosphere of traditional rustic beech in your kicthen countertops.

Prime Beech

Prime Beech Kitchen Countertops Material

With high quality and low cost, it may prime beech suits you. Do not let you think, that the expensive wood that can last a long time. Prime beech wood has a wooden heart and patterns of pink and white is very beautiful.


Maple Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

Straight grain maple wood has a very interesting and patterns such as wavy, curly, quilted, birds eye, and so on. Maple wood color ranges from creamy white to pink. Beside, a durable maple wood, the weight and provide the beauty of natural light.


Birch Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

Wood that is closely related to the beech family, often appears with a sheen like satin, with a pale, cream-colored wooden rods or light brown with red. Wood is water resistant and durable with fine grain light and straight.

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Ash Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

Wood ash or by any other name european mountain ash or ash has a creamy white color. The heart wood is dark olive brown color, which is similar to red oak. Has an open grain is generally straight with a coarse texture.

Rubber Wood

Rubber Wood Kitchen Countertops Material

Rubber Wood is the wood of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis). This wood has a very dense grain and high levels of resistance and is known as an environmentally friendly wood. Using rubber wood furniture manufacturers to imitate oak to reach the higher end look with a much lower cost.


Teak Kitchen Countertops Material

Teak wood is known for luxury and used for outdoor kitchen, which requires long lasting against a variety of weather conditions. Teak is easily worked and has a high oil content which protects it from natural elements like water and sunlight. Wood is also very interesting because of its dark color and the sign pattern of the curve of water.