The Everlasting Mission Style Kitchen Cabinet

The Everlasting Mission Style Kitchen Cabinet – Kitchen is one of the important rooms in a house that need to get special touching in decorating it. Thus, there are so many decorating styles for kitchen and one of them is mission style kitchen cabinet. The main characteristic of this style is made from light to dark tones of wood, fully functional but in simple design and everlasting as the time goes by.

The process of making this kitchen cabinet needs highly skill of carpenter who really understands how to build a handmade cabinet with the best quality and impressive appearance. The design is really adjusted with the space and other furniture or utility, so it will create a homey and warm impression for the kitchen.

Mission Style Solid Oak Kitchen CabinetsMission Style Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Mission Style Kitchen Cabinet Nowadays

Began around 1900 in the United States, mission style is referring to the Craftsman style that has developed over the years till this day. It is not mass product which can be owned by everyone in only one style, but it is thoughtful type of design.

In order to make the design looks prettier, lighting, bench and any additional decoration could be added. The proper lightings for this design are tiffany style chandeliers, pendant lighting, ceiling lights, recessed lighting or table lamps. Unique bench would also appropriate to set in the kitchen like englenooks, breakfast nooks, or L-shape kitchen table. Other material that can be combined in designing mission style kitchen cabinets are bronze or stained glass that can be found as the washing basin, joinery or eating equipment that complement the kitchen.

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mission style maple kitchen cabinetmission style maple kitchen cabinet

California Mission Style Kitchen designCalifornia Mission Style Kitchen design

Highly designed yet simple, Mission style kitchen cabinet is a warm and full of art element to incorporate into a kitchen design. It sets the tone without overwhelming the rest of the room or house and is a wonderful way to complete your kitchen.