The Best Unique Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

The best kitchen cabinets are ones with a story to tell, the kind that inspire us to dream up a creative vision for our own homes. We’d like to share 10 of the most unique kitchen cabinet design ideas out there—probably even some you’ve never heard of.



Mismatched-DIY: This would be everyone’s personal favorite, DIY cabinets are for the creative—the forward-thinkers. Materials are as vast as your imagination, from recycled shipping crates to thrift-shop furniture finds to quirky metal filing cabinets. Best of all, it’s cheap!

Floating: Drawing on the bright colors and high-gloss sheen of Italian contemporary style, the 36E8 Kitchen Suite by Lago takes minimalism to a whole new level. Wall-mounted structures maximize floor space in a slick, geometrical pattern reminiscent of pixilated video games. The concept is striking, to say the least.

Storybook: Sometimes, the most interesting ideas of unique kitchen cabinet design are ones that don’t exist at all. In this real-life storybook home, materials come directly from the earth. Compartments are dug out of the smooth, curved sink and countertops to make room for open shelving. It’s so adorable cabinet you could weep.

Mid-Century Modern: These are mid-century cabinets in an original southern Californian Eichler home. What the owners did to make the kitchen pop was refinish the cabinet doors in splashy orange and green. They also sanded and re-stained the wood trim, then installed reclaimed midcentury light fixtures to complete the authentic look.

Luxury Glass: This kitchen will blow everyone away. The Isola Linear by Toyo features a cantilevered structure for a kitchen that seems to be stacked yet floating at the same time. Cabinets are finished with Venetian glass mosaics and five types of etchings.

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Reclaimed Wood: Aside from looking incredible, reclaimed wood cabinets are about as eco-friendly as it gets. Some, like the style shown above, are made from repurposed wood (e.g. felled trees, old barn wood or discarded materials). This cabinet will fit to everyone who loves the natural-grain look.

Concept & Futuristic: What’s most fascinating about concept kitchens is that they virtually do away with cabinetry. Designed for “homes of the future,” these kitchens are compact, curved and outstandingly efficient. Some even grow their own food.

21st-Century Rustic: Contemporary rustic offers the best of both worlds. The idea is simple: merge country-style rusticity with the clean lines, sleek design and modern technology of today. This kitchen featured on Apartment Therapy does just that. Wooden beams from old-growth trees shelter a bright kitchen with contemporary-style cabinets. A simple stool ties the whole look together.



Whether you prefer cabinets with an old-fashioned look or something more modern, these ideas of unique kitchen cabinet design go far beyond simple storage.