Natural Maple Kitchen Cabinets For All Styles

Maple wood for centuries has been known for its excellent timber, durable addition to its beauty and uniqueness of patterns ranging from wavy, curly, bird’s eye and so on. Maplewood itself has beautiful colors ranging from creamy white to pink. These colors will be more attractive if left to its natural color. Natural color is the eye-catching side of maple wood for kitchen cabinets in all styles.

Maple Wood For Kitchen Cabinets Styles

Natural maple kitchen cabinets for eclectic style

Natural maple kitchen cabinets in eclectic styleEclectic style known for its unique style that includes a mix of traditional, classical or modern. Casual and simple, and maintain the classic lines and natural, this is what we can see from the cabinet above. With the shades and colors of natural maple wood, the cabinets above give relaxing feeling but still functional. In fact, the natural color of the cabinets looks harmonious with granite island and stainless steel appliances. Simple but pretty!

Natural maple kitchen cabinets for contemporary style

Natural maple kitchen cabinets in contemporary styleWow…nice ceiling, right? That’s contemporary style. High ceiling, black, white or ntural color are basics of it. Look so smooth and so clean and also geometric style is important thing in contemporer. That’s why please do not hesitate in choosing the cabinet. Natural maple wood could be your choice, but durable, maple also has a very unique fiber texture, it would be stylish again if you let your maple cabinets look natural without makeup or oiled. With pieces of a cabinet that is simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration, natural maple wood cabinet will be the right choice for your kitchen, without leaving the impression of a contemporary style.

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Natural maple kitchen cabinets for traditional style

Natural maple kitchen cabinets in traditional styleLook outmoded, yes. But natural maple kitchen cabinets look so beautiful, with white creamy color, and very detailed. Maple wood pieces are carved and lacquered to give the sense of luxurious elegance. Furnished in traditional style are usually tinged with the color of the natural color, but if you choose maple, natural feel that will manifest itself without a gloss paint. Although elegant, maple cabinet still looks simple and provide comfort in its layout. Very nice!

Natural maple kitchen cabinets for Mediterranean style

Natural maple kitchen cabinets in mediterranean styleSpanish style, Greek or Italian rocky shoreline, wherever they may exist in your mind, wherever you are, you live in the shades of the Mediterranean. With the warm interior design, furniture is clean and simple. The feeling you can even apply it in your kitchen through cabinet. Natural maple color choices tend to be dark brown, creating an expansive impression. Warmth and detail in his cabinet, is one step to complete your Mediterranean kitchen.

Natural maple kitchen cabinets for modern style

Natural maple kitchen cabinets in modern styleClean, straight lines and neat appearance is that we can capture the impression of a modern interior. Sometimes, modern style combining glass and metal in it. However, whether natural shades, such as maple wood can be applied in a modern style? Look at the picture above the cabinet, you’ll find the answer. Even the selection of wood, especially maple wood without paint and without a well-oiled, modern impression, neat with straight lines that still look fine. If the kitchen is not too wide, it will not be a problem, because the natural maple wood supports innovative storage in a sleek furnishings. Also, it can be stacked and combined in various ways, without compromising the beauty and comfort of your kitchen. Hmm, interesting!

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Natural maple kitchen cabinets for tropical style

Natural maple kitchen cabinets in tropical styleAtmosphere of a quiet room, with natural colors is a cabinet of natural maple wood. Although the space is not too wide, it will feel warmth and cabinet with a pattern that is not too detailed, it can bring you float like being in Hawaii, Fiji or Bali.

Although often nuanced simple, and elegant, but the cabinet of natural maple wood can be applied to all styles, in accordance with your wishes.