Natural Beauty Of Arts And Crafts : Japanese Kitchen Cabinets

Arts and crafts add beutifully your kitchen and also blow off the antique side. With japanese kitchen cabinets, you may hope it would happen to you. Japanese has a characteristic that can be seen even with a cursory glance. However, japanese cabinets can be your natural beauty of arts and crafts.

Orinda Remodel

Orinda Remodel Japanese Kitchen CabinetsOrinda Remodel Japanese Kitchen Cabinets

Orinda Remodel is developed by Mueller Nicholls Cabinets and Construction, a full service cabinet and construction company. This company focus on attention to detail, and commitment to communicative partnerships. Mueller Nicholls has been published in : California Homeand design, interior design, Small Firms, Great Projects, Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural digest, diablo Magazine, Architectural Record, Fine Homebuilding, Met Home and featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. With orinda model, make your kitchen on prestigious style.

Orinda Japanese Country Kitchen looks simple, so natural but you can see the Japanese style on how we have pull out this cabinet. Put your plates, spoons or anything you want this cabinet would fit in your kitchen, in contemporer or eclectic, it’s still stunning.

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

John Lum Architecture is located in the Mission District of San Francisco and have establised since 1994, also have successfully completed over 500 architectural projects, from high-end commercial interiors and retail environments, to new residential construction and remodels. They offer services in furniture, lighting, color and interior designs. They have won numerous awards for many projects, such as the ground-breaking restaurants Asia SF, Hayes and Vine Wine Bar, and the Urban Eyes Optometry office.

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Sliding Door Japanese Kitchen CabinetsSliding Door Japanese Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional Style Japanese Kitchen CabinetsTraditional Style Japanese Kitchen Cabinets

Japanese Kitchen CabinetsJapanese Kitchen Cabinets

The specification of these cabinets are the shape of the crafts in first picture, form a cabinet that barred in second picture and the black circle of third picture. Without asking, you’ve known that it’s japanese cabinets. Look at first picture, you have to open the cabinet by pulling it, does it remain you of sliding door in japanese cottage, doesn’t it? So japanese, never hesitate it.


Mahogany Tea Custom Made Japanese Kitchen CabinetsMahogany Tea Custom Made Japanese Kitchen Cabinets

The last one, but still interesting is CustomMade. They offers Hand-picked recommendations of the best product designs. For that, hundreds of products have been created.

Made by mahogany tea, this cabinet built with a beaded edge, dovetailed drawers, sliding doors with carved panels. Nothing special crafts of it, but still look so wonderful, you can place this cabinet near your fridge or anywhere you want. In your mind, you may have the teapot also. Japanese style is for you.

Woody color, special shape, sliding door is the fingerprint of japanese. Natural beauty of arts and crafts in japanese cabinets is right choice to make different color and harmony in your kitchen.