Low Cost Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas

You want to renovate your kitchen, but stuck on the issue of cost and price? If so, you do not need to renovate your kitchen. Enough have sparkling idea,  just to makeover your kitchen cabinets with a low cost.

Beautiful Flowers, adding the sticker flower can give soft and warm look in your glass cabinet. You simply stick it on a glass cabinet. If your cabinet are not glass-fronted, you can still give it to a wooden door. Or if you are not very fond of flowers, you can create a polka-dot or other applications that you like.

Beautiful Flowers cabinetBold Hue, striking color will attract you. As in the cabinet, you can try it with this red salmon. Striking color will give the impression of living in your kitchen, especially if your kitchen looks too plain.

Bright Blue, bright colors like blue sky, will refresh your kitchen atmosphere and fun. Paint your kitchen walls with soft colors. In addition to blue, mellow yellow or any soft color can be your choice

Bright Blue cabinet

Cabinet Message Board, if a patch of paper message, make your kitchen feel “tight”, you can change it. Make the message board cabinet in your kitchen. Choose a cabinet that is easy to reach.

Country Cabinets, with a bold blue color in the distressed cabinets will add to the impression of modern chic. Paint your cabinets with a simple blue-purple. You can also add a bridge cabinets.

Curtain Call, simple and practical, that will feel if you use a curtain on your cabinet, replacing cabinet doors. In addition, you can also choose the color and accent your curtain, ranging from plain colors, polka dots or patterned. Whatever you want.

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Elegant Makeover,  to soften your kitchen, use a soothing color on the cabinet. Grayish-blue color, for example, you can apply on your cabinets to give the appearance of a bright and airy.

Glass Fronted Cabinets, if you want, the first eye fixed on your cabinet, use only glass fronted. Frosted glass, or textured seeded is that you can use.

Glass Fronted Cabinets Glued Appliques, add decoration depends also can enter into your ideas. You do not have to bother or can simply spend a lot of money, just your favorite outboard hanging on the side of the cabinet.

High Contrast Cabinets, maximize your cabinet until it reaches the ceiling is also not a problem. Just paint your cabinet with bright colors, one or two colors. Use the silver for the lower cabinet and bright colors for the upper cabinet. If you want you can add tiny lights to add a cool impression on your cabinet.

High Contrast Cabinets

Interior Makeover, store the goods in your kitchen cabinet for your kitchen into a more concise, clean and tidy. Like, keep soap, washing sponge and other cleaner under your sink. You simply add moved holder.

Less is Best, move some upper cabinet doors will make your kitchen look more spacious. And open the cabinet which could add its own charm.

Mellow Yellow, bold with a soft but bright colors? Mellow yellow could be the right choice. Yellow color which is basically a light color will brighten up your cabinet. And the mellow side, yellow will give the impression of a soft and warm.

Metallic Look, you want to unusual color? Try gleaming beauty of metallic. This will harmonize with the color steel appliances.

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Modern Transformation, dramatic cabinet. Here’s what you get with the bold green color with soft blue background as especially coupled with simple hardware.

Modern Update, for small changes with big effect, add stylish hardware to your cabinets. Replacing cabinet doorknobs with modern style will give trendy eyes in your kitchen.

Multicolor Cabinets, sometimes, one color on your cabinets are too flat. If you feel that way, try to apply different colors in the rainbow anda.Warna cabinet will provide a cheerful and fun in your kitchen.

Multicolor Cabinets

Open Shelves,  it is common knowledge, if open shelves will give the impression of vast space. You also can apply the impression of vast, open it in your kitchen.

Pretty Practical, the cabinet is not only functional, but also be practical. Try to place the plate-holders on your dishwasher. One more thing, this cabinet is not only practical but also facilitate your work in the kitchen.

Red is Hot, the red color is always interesting. Just paint the center of your kitchen walls, with red color. The red color that will contrast with the light blue cabinet. The blue color itself can compensate for a light red color.

Hot Red wall kitchen cabinet makeover

Rustic Trendy Look, allow the rustic natural color to be accent that will give a different impression, and casual in your kitchen And will not be a problem if you want to add bright color as an affirmation of the rustic.

Sparkling White, white color is boring! If so, you ca paint the wall behind the cabinet with the sparkling colors, like this blue color. Although it is only paint, but could give a fresh impression.

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Vintage Inspiration, give the impression in your kitchen vintage. Open shelves and brushed nickel knobs and hinges that are combined with a glass fronted cabinet is one of your choice.

Makeover your kitchen cabinets don’t need to cost very much. From here you can apply one or more ways to make your kitchen more beautiful and comfortable.